Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not Even Bronze

Its not what I have expected though, its division 48 silver most I'm sure its not high but its not bronze. I lost some placement matches due to getting trapped for building my expansions early(like you see 8 men camping while I leave my builder open) then its GG for me, Then another game I think the gold player I beat was either trying out other races or didn't play for a long time and these placement matches put me up against silver and golds That feel when I may closer to pro then scrub.
That all I can say so far.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Gotta Get Dat Bronze

My birth day past four days ago I didn't do much(obviously not because I'm old it always like that every time) other then the dentist says I should floss every day also with my terrible hygiene(its like brush 2 times 1 week) I didn't get cavities because I dont eat much and I'm like a health fag, but I still eat junk like candy but its not available everyday. Don't forget the free entertainment(friend takes me to movies get free tickets from other friend) going to the movies watched Women in Black I have no opinion some stuff made me laugh though ya so basically a "normal day" well I don't go to the cinema and I may never because I don't go there.

Gaymen post below

I just noticed I was lacking images every time I blog

So I finally started to "play"(and trying to finish the story mode that my brother did) Starcraft 2 and my mind was blown about the things I didn't do because I was still lacking the basics. After the day my friend group wanted to play Starcraft we all didn't play for some time and I was slow as shit in the 3 player game and then gave up. Another day I played again with just one guy he usually plays and he was gold ranked(sadly no one else played enough to get far they only played team games) then we had a 1v1 just to get back lost 2/3 well I beat his weaker race(terran hes a zerg player). Then he said should use hotkeys I kind of did that, the challenge mode made using hotkeys more clear, and I didn't know you can make a shortcut(ctrl+1 ect) for legions and buildings then the deal breaker. I wasn't aware chrono boost can be used on other buildings for production basically I was using it wrong, now very hard AI is no pressure any more(insane mode is hax normal people don't do this) so far what I can use its toss, terran, zerg(can not into zerg I struggled to beat a hard mode A.I well I didn't win games with terran either). Time to get on that bronze league.(I still can't make pro sentry coordination, and if I got what it takes my brother soiling my rank will mean nothing)
So my pokemans can't seem to top that 18 win streak at the battle subway, because its set up to exploit my weakness( it becomes pretty obvious when you see to mamoswines in a row). So even with a garchomp I still lose well I didn't get it good moves from breading(no outrage), abomasnow is pretty cool, swaggerless tanky donphan( I need battle points for swagger), drain punch would have been perfect for my breloom, haxorous rivals garchomp but it has weak endurance and no x4. It would be nice if I had a swampert and megnezone I was magneton was strong enough and it lost the levitate, I can't get it in a trade unless I find someone with it I may try that image board for pokemon and see what I find.( what I like using being vague is earth types, they got that endurance and power with some utility like grass or poison I don't have much of that type though)

Some LoL stuff here after getting used to playing with my skype friend plus his friends(real life too) it felt a little boring that we won 8 games in a row its like we are being matched with retards its was just too easy(ez mode wins is a no no for me). Speaking of retards I played a game with a random guy that add me long ago(they are all latinos to I should lrean my spanish off them) and, I was playing with under 30s so I was like holy hell this slow so basically the other team hunts me down to progress but I won. I do like playing with another person to get familiar with different plays like my skype friend every time we play there is some guy that does a retard build it reminds me trying to reach 30 and we always lose together as duo then a blogger(sugoi) that I'm a use with playing him and some times there is a retard or baddies we still pull through if there is no retards. Other then jungle he plays support he says hes bad with ranged I have no problem with that.
I seem to play any role fine and I did try jungle with malphite on rare occasions(dominate early game as jungle lost game because team bad and the other jungler forced me to counter jungle because he steals my blue) and when I'm a tank get ready to fuck up some turrets I hate when I have a team that only uses creep waves to move forward.
So after I got anivia an AP I actually like no pressure here except ffff mana and if the team doesn't follow my actions we are screwed that wall is also deadly trapping people with it is troll tier. The scalling AP runes I got after anivia boosted my mage game, Lux is now easy mode like garren and my sion got better, but I still can not into ryze well he uses mana AP doesn't help much(I don't want to get him specific runes)I was able to win domion games but not dominate and still lose in normal mode. One game with my skype friend and I was ryze then some other guy says ryze beats kennen in my mind, I was like you serious and I did say I was bad with ryze in advance( I did cost my friend the game), he doesnt have ez mode burst like annie(my annie will be way better too and I barely use her) and other mages I use plus a bad habit when I use ryze I press the wrong keys alot and all I got to do is use Q and something else then Q again. I like the fact that he has good utility but I can't use him. Ok forreals gangplank( as suggestion I will take it because I got no melee carry and because of all the bad GP I have seen so hes not ban worthy) then vayne then ranked that would be about 3 months.

Thats him no idea how old he is.Surprised I though my family hates cats well parents, I'm neutral about cats and dogs but with winter I don't want to outside.This guy does bite he thinks I taste good, and likes to tag things(well play tag).