More About Me

I'm a 21 year old Canadian with a Grenadian background. Well as you can see from the blog I'm not the typical negro you find outside. This blog is about what I do, whether if it is some thing that is an interests or  a hobby.  

Video games/MMO Currently playing:
Dungeon Fighter online(MMO)
Star craft 2(RTS MMO): kickbeat
S4 league(third person shooter MMO: -Orion-Nuts
League of Legends: kickbeat
Got my hands on dat PS2
Pokemon Trainer PAGE friend code; 5071 5283 2211

When I type in a IRC  I may pause if I got noting to say well... and my microphone broke. I kind of forgotten I have a steam account were I never made any use for it yet, and a xfire account.
MSN/ E-mail;
Skype; almonds101
Xfire; vioded
Steam; vioded

Uncle Ruckus quotes from The Boondocks:
"Niggers can't Operate a computer not even a Macintosh"

"This is just more proof that the white man made a tragic misjudgment when he made it legal to teach niggers to read and write. Paint faster! Oh what? What? You call that art? Huh? Ain't no nigger ever been good at drawing! If Michelangelo had been black, Jesus would look like George Jefferson! Keep painting!" 

"You heard me, nigga, niggas can't fight. They don't possess the strength of character or the mental quickness to be a great fighter. That's why all the best fighters in the world have always been white men. Jack Dempsey, Rocky Marciano, Sly-vester Stallone, and don't forget Ralph Macchio! Name me one great, black, heavyweight fighter. Name one, go ahead, try, name one. See there? Ya can't do it. What, what what, what? Oh, oh, oh, oh you wanna pull Ali out yo' ass? That what you thinkin' 'bout? Muhammad Ali? Well, if that nigga so tough, then why he didn't go to Vietnam? I'll tell you why. 'Cause he was scared, that's why. Shoot. "No Vietnamese ever called me nigga." I call him a nigga eight times before I have breakfast, now what he gon' do? Hold on, I'll make it nine... NIGGA!"