Tuesday, October 30, 2012


So it looks like I feel like blogging. So ya I have gotten the title of carpenter well to be specific an apprentice may be better then minimum wage but, it takes me so long to get a job and parents keep complaining. I got my first job 1 month ago and I messed up on the location I had to reach because area is not in Toronto, after wards I got relocated at a place 10 mins away from home here is the best part I was only able to make 8hours of work so it was one day(a little disappointed but not mad because it was my fault). Took like a full month again (this month) to get a  call for a job but, I was away to find a job oh the irony. I looked for a job that day because my parents forced me to and I ruined my chance there too because I didn't specifically say I have no car so I missed my rendezvous because bus was too slow.

I wanted the music at the end but I will leave it in between. Ya shitty game(makes me think about the anime I watch especially with the sequels) but I liked that music more then the original its not bad but it has its funny charm.

I ain't going to complain about that down time because I'm a shitty level one apprentice with no connections that's not new. I tried asking some building areas and they don't want/need apprentice.So I'm stating to think most of the low tier jobs are outside of Toronto because most of the jobs that may take low tiers sounds like its in the boonies from what I see from internet job posts reliable or not. I wonder if I would get hired that way if I was level 3 because that's the lowest number I see most of the time.

Now that winter is closing in that one of the times that many carpenters work less or so what I hear. So I signed up for another place that gets me jobs and they do get me jobs quick but I'm getting shitty warehouse jobs for minimum. Because that's the only place I can get hired never for anything else so I take what I can get restaurants gay always get faggot dishes to do, sales too hard, who is going to hire me to type for them?( I got a suggestion for this once)

One place had wood finishers were I can actually gain hours to upgrade apprenticeship but they don't need me there(I better get paid for those 2 days I did this week). So they are trying to relocate me again. They had a sigh for carpenter in their web page but they don't have anything now or they don't have low tier carpenter jobs.So I'm going to take any job they give until spring comes back.

I will continue the next day it may be long  I'm not sure.

Fortune Vocabulary

Ya I call it that some times or 4chins.
So from the couple of years there seems to be a pattern of the kind of words that come a lot now and then through out the years I remember a few but, I cant recall all of them so I will just put what I can think of now.
shiggity diggity
that feel
ironic shit posting
pretentious never seen this used alot any more but it was there
autism is one of them but its like a word that just naturally comes out

There more but its not coming to me.

Still too lazy to write any thing fixing my scat in my HD would help to make something easy to write too but ...Same always takes forever to get a job/find or, you know.