Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Your Going to get Paid My youth

Ok I don't really use funny Caribbean words, well there is always some new strange words or I just don't know any thing about it and of course every other island speak in there own funny sounding way. So yet again I work in a Caribbean restaurant not a really problem there and I was always working with adults. Caribbean folk don't bother people much if you don't want to talk and if your doing noting wrong but, teens on the other hand ...

The place is a small restaurant too and the previous place I was looked more organized and the kitchen is at least larger then the last place. Working errday 5 hours that isn't so bad I guess and during the kung-fu grind I get no pressure and no frustration just work and leave well its because other then the chef I have kitchen experience so I was "good" for a prep cook there cutting shit, rotating stock, cleaning and the inevitable dishes at least there is a small amount and that is not my only task. In comparison to the other place I worked at the chef was teaching me to do things like a perfectionist that isn't bad but its a pain so I got some pressure there.Other then that I should be getting paid at the end of this week also I decided to hop on the bandwagon and make a formspring (watch everyone leave or get bored when I join this always happens).I will be back after the check I'nm sure my parents will start some shit talking again after I buy some sort of technology(no cellphone and of course the gaming master race doesn't need apple products).

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just Flabbing

So I have added a new page, and I added more tags finally from the previous so called update post.
The new page will have the charts I have found I swear I had more I guess I lost it with out knowing. Still thinking about doing some thing for the blog design again but I didn't put effort even from last month so far.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Screen Caps

The spoilers about still have not stopped me from any thing so far(enjoyment factor or should I watch this?) well I also don't really react to any thing unless I find it amusing/interesting or actually funny.