Thursday, December 8, 2011

La De Da

I felt like reading more VNs recently but I only finished one and watch less anime then usual. Watched FLCL and said what the fuck am I watching it was short so it went by quickly(watched it dubbed). I can see why people like Detroit Metal City because of the over the top jokes and the brain dead fans and, it makes me think of those late night cartoons and it was short. Liked Nichijou I kind of though it was just cute girls doing cute things, I liked the jokes with youko shenanigans and mios voice.

I was going to watch this 4-5 years ago but never felt like watching it but I finished it today.

Didn't watch it during its season because it was 24 eps so I got the batch.

So I have finished the main story in G String and I did try two character routes. >before the main story
got bad end for more dere then tsun and got the good end for Tsubaki so far this end is sounds happy.
Then I picked up Sharin next I use to have problems trying to make it work >use app locale hurr well my problem was the directory to the file folder was in symbols and I deiced to change and it now works...
So every time I hear about these two titles Sharin is the better one well so far all the characters are interesting made it up to the second chapter but I did like the track from G String and I always forget to mention about the music most of the time.
Played Rance when I first played it was for basically the whole day and I lost  to the demon army(well I just want to give up) they come out of no were man next play through I'm going to do things differently.

So ya I did beat that dam bird after I stocked up on items the next day and gained a level on the previous floor from the save spot. After I got up with kanji it was really easy well I died purpose the first time and I got my self a bunch of S links I thinking I should max mage, chariot, and strength right away its obvious the persona you get is different in this game but I don't want to miss out on the early damage. I lost at this part were you see that bear I could have won and not waste about 2 hours for wasting turns like defending if you know he/she is dead and not attack also miss more. Also made a showdown with him and my 150 damg item and my last resort 50 damg item failed to finish it off I was silenced so I could not negate ice damg so close.Oh and the bear was a wtf moment not because it was a surprise boss and it could give you nightmares(I was playing at night) well it didn't bother me because I don't really get nightmares like my dream I had found bugs and an insect like slug in an abandoned washroom it felt causal to me. Well it certainly got easy now because I got variety well that seems to be my case for almost every game.
Got near the end of .// GU but I died to Tri edge and didn't play for awhile same goes for Kingdom Hearts get up to Riku it's not even hard, all I had to do is hurr counter combo but, he start warping all over the place and I was sleepy also that Maleficent dragon, what a joke just stay out of  her range and heal.

Keeping it short ok not really
>start buying mages team always instant lock a mage
>buy lux team bashing at me like if I am a carry because the team is bad lux can only carry if both teams are shit
> level 16 with 40% cooldown GG 24 second lazer
>I hate taking mid as lux in a duo lane I zone so hard we break the turrent in a mere minutes
>figure out stacking dorians is good for lux(I should try it on sion)
>go against fizz always leave him with little health left over from combo and jungler interrupts me all the time
> people saying fizz is OP he can't kill tanky champs for carp now there is volibear its like he doesn't need items to be good( attack and defence items, hes fine with just HP regain) to carry a team

>be karthus always get aimed at first in team fights then watch them go down like dominoes
>never lost my lane as karthus but I don't harass the champ to get kills because I fear the jungler
>randomly cast R always get a free kill 40% of the time
>learned about the smart cast configuration from the champ spotlights(it gives good tips like, if you turrent dive attack after it hits a minion so you don't get turrent raped) spam q like crazy

>hate being paired in a team with akali because I can't play with her she is not useful to me she only carries if the other team is shit and the ranged carry can't get kills come on fizz and talon can do it better(I always for get how strong he is because hes never in my games)
> get upset if my team has 3 assassins and go into not give a shit mode because que dodging isn't my style
> can not into ryze I don't do enough damg to get kills and I don't like using ignite its only good for assassins and brand and, I for get to use it

> play a game as janna and malpite people complain about my build
>play as a bruiser as janna buying heart of gold first/then cata if my partner does good I go into full support mode maxing w asap if I start dieing buy boots then get my AP(I don't like soul shroud but I always get ageist)
>surprised no one complains that I start team fights with janna because I have that problem with teams, start up a tornado put on a shield watch some fool go into the trap then murk turrents after wards
>buy mana stone and two potions on malphite team gets mad for no reason tell them I need mana(I miss kills cause of this) telling me I don't know to play( malp is my first tank and I carry teams with him some times) lost becuase gang plank mad and dieing a lot other team builds all ad team surrenders because 1 player tried to reconnect and didn't come back I had that game too

>Lol players seem to skip the hidden elo matching so we basically have similar skill levels calling players first timers(though I hatted it when I was leveling up and I was against 30s and 20+)
>I made some one mad enough(while playing not give a shit mode well my damg was retarded as trist never played her so long the vayne did way more damg I'm accustomed with and there was kayle and my rumble gave top solo to the dragon and all he did was finish off the kills behind me, also the ranged carries that kick my ass and do good have attack speed rune, arm pen,attk damg) to tell me to uninstall at least suggest to play a game that is also similar
>still not playing ranked because I want more champs and runes I got 18 champs(only play 3 regularly because they fit in for balance ashe, malp, janna and, some times taric I like his voice and dialog"from coals to diamonds") and I want to see more champ combos

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fuck Ya Line up

Fuck ya Joey remember when Yu-gi-oh was good? No I'm kidding but I'm a nostalgia fag for Yu-gi-oh with dem shiny millennium items dat with sound effect and, dat Pegasus. Anyways other stuff fun to watch and my raise your spirits.( holy crap took Fing 3 months because, lazy and still have internet)[edit] more then 6 months its like forgot about it[edit]

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki
Taking place in Japan there is some special agent dude that hunts supernatural beings and all off a sudden he gets a ridiculous mission to save the world by being the father for the children from some demon. He didn't like it at all from the start but he grows a custom to it as the series goes by, with all them crazy adventures, drama, action, and some fanservice.

Taking place in America around the time with steam trains and the famous train robbery, also a tweest and the most of the characters are basically the main character with the entwined events nobody losses in a sense. This anime will make any normalfag enjoy most of the time and the dubs are good even though I watched in subs till the OVA. Evey one jizzes their pants for the legend that is called the rail tracer for some reason.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (killer lolies anime)
Taking place in Japan a boy moves in from the city to live in a village were he lived previously. He meet a bunch of girls form various ages because they are all in one classroom during school. At first I though he was the main character and it looks like he has a harem(with out the harem hijinks) and, the OVAs have fanservice. The plot is divided into pieces were different events trigger well most of them all end up with someone dead, the second season made some things clear and the main character is revealed. I haven't heard much from the visual novel people but, they will probably say its better and there is dat art style all in all the anime was entertaining.

Also DEEN faces. 
Also the dubs are bad your hearing from me a guy that doesn't care subs that much. 

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin
 Taking place in the school that is all about paranormal events in Japan. Oh so the PLOT starts out with a man that fell out from the sky you don't see this everyday. His mission is to save the end of world but some trash tier guy shoved in a time machine.Sad that the bad ass mechanic and the fat guy didn't have much screen time because some of the characters were cool but when its about this anime its always that girl(image below). > I watch occult academy foe the PLOT

Gundam 00
 I liked this Gundam more but I haven't watch many of so and most complain about the second season I don't remember what I though negative either but when it started it felt boring to me kind of. Well my otaku friend recommended it to me I was skeptical at first because I wasn't a fan of SEED it was maybe too deep for me but I did watch it when it was on T.V I have to say my tastes haven't changed at all(well its very flexible) during the years the Gundam designs are always cool though I forget their names too I only strike freedom.
So ya there is organization some "mad" scientist made called celestial  being that watch over space wars and earth basically chosen Gundam people or special Ops and the second season there was a tweest with other innovators controlling vega and doing stuff with out vega. There is also a side story which for the manga.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011


May as well write something cause I still have some cool stories. I was planning to write about my missing cash conclusion but it's not close enough.

So there is a shit load of anime this season I would like to check out but I didn't bother because DOWNLOADING yes and more stuff I want to watch with confidence(even if I hear its shit or spoilers) compared from past seasons. There is some stuff last season that didn't have a batch right away like Kamisama dolls, finally Datlain got it( it is interesting and it looks good), and that girl harem anime and, I'm still waiting for it.

Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!
P4- Obviously a game adaption isn't going to be wow material so I wasn't with the hype
Boku wa Tomotachi ga Sukunai
ben to
Fate/Zero- I still didn't watch the movie one and I have it
C3- Fanservice?
Phi-Brain Puzzle of God
Boku Ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai -FANSERVICE
Shakugan no Shana III (Final)- Not expecting much but I have watched it in the past (there will never be a Rozen maiden S3)
Mirai Nikki
GC- code gayass fans gonna troll
Infinite Stratos 2

Maybe I will have interest in more, its going take me about two months to get a quarter of them.

About to finish off Irona, Astorttle, and moon phase. Now I got a bunch of anime and I only watched 2/3 of them but, we all know that feel more or less.

I should start doing the stuff I use to do like drawing stopped for some time and leaving unfinished stuff well at least the anatomy books makes me do the difficult stuff in parts like hands shit I like good hands ( but I can't come close to nice hands its better then before though). Same case with the cool web page tricks I was leaving it blank before I change it. At least now I am starting to warm up after pushing against my brother(think tug of war) he said arms were shaky and I lost my footing because some cloth on the floor hurr excuses durr(just saying he is not the guy that says that) well he was stronger then previously his hand was slippery so were even and he is working them arms like everyday or so.
I finished that monster quest game. Chrome(+zombie)>vampire loli> ninja fox> tofu fox>slug girl.
For persona4 I got stuck against that Yukiko bird that dam fire aoe 3 times in a row, tried to a run were I kill that thing and the bird is alone still lose the (guy can only heal once sounds reasonable) I still revive Chie even though she is holding me back at least she saves me from dieing(well not from the aoe obviously) one round all I had to do was one blow then I died and I was confident with being lv 14. Inb4 "because you suck" most of these games require luck too some times I'm like fuck ya all dodge or two crits in a row and some times I win with ease with out trying example the nyx boss I was expecting myself to lose but lost when I was showing off. I started that disgea game its pretty that you  can lift players above their head and I killed my whole team except the main character because dat HP with the penguin bomb aiming for an aoe for the opponents.Got lost in Kindom hearts that Aladin grotto and its way harder then the sequel(but the sequel looks good) had to bust my ass on some boss battles( I can't take grinding carelessly either) donald dies too much to care for compared to the second game.

Yes of course LoL yes that time I said I got 7 games in a row it stopped at 10 then two weeks after I lost 10 games in a row and I lost so bad in one game I was a Garen I was doing good too but my team was bad and we killed baron three times and lost after the game the guy on the other team called us scrubs, I admit that was bad so I stopped playing for two days.
Another one of those games I was LEGENDARY as Ezreal normally you give up if that happens but they had some strong will(some wanted to white flag) and they made a reversal with baron and I wasn't aware of that so I missed my double kill chase and I mad jelly Caitln on my team calling me bad(well I use EZ differently ya I'm hybrid AP never did the AD, the lich bane gives me my phys boost and his ult does close to half on tanks and more then half on flimsyies if there is noting else in the way) because I keep my distance(seriously he dies in 2-3 skills if I get hit and brutally raped in ganks if I get stunned). The problem was the opponets had a Lux, Morgna, shielding Sheen( this guy fucks up my game in the same league as Alistar and I can't imagine how good he use to be) and they had map awareness from TF. The main problem was the team starts to skirmish with out me my arms are not long enough to carry you and I never get to play EZ when I feel like it because noone wants to tank...
Ironcally they are more tank players/ support then mage players that's what I normally lack in games or I just have terrible luck because most of the time its just support me,melee,ranged, tanky dps. I put a tank if a specific carry needs it and Galio fixes most my problems that I have on Malphite the magic resist makes me shit. Just noticed most of the champs I have can hybrid like Sion people expect too much from me when I use him and I'm always top priority on the other team some people think Sion can tank too.. well I should get him amour other the veil and I like that hybrid AP Tristana it rapes face that's if my team isn't shit then they go are you dumb AP tristana ya I have high requirements or standards if I want to carry(you think your good scrub). Too much LoL shit I will say the other stuff on my mind next time.
 brb fapping.gif
Oh thanks to /a/ I did find some H anime acceptable for me

Sunday, September 25, 2011

>He Still Watches Cartoons

That feel when there will be no more El Psy Kangaroo and Tiger & Bunny. When I had gotten the spoilers from /a/ about the main character dieing. I was like anime worth watching any more if he dies but I can't do that anyways what else is there to do?(not being serious but I did like the main character as a hero/ cool guy) Also I felt good at the end call me a faggot if you like.
So I have finally start watching this again before I was streaming it like a year ago and I never got far(ep 2) now that its downloaded. I'm actually watching it at first I though were is the funny before now that I'm watching there is some amusing parts. Also MFW my internet is the first thing that going go down I told them to get a new provider two months ago, I got stuff that will last me 4-6 months depending on what I do.
I though I was more into the series when I had my laptop well I continued from ep 2. I'm going to write some of my tastes too well there is no need to go into details and when I make a line up it is not ranked by preference I put what ever can fit its theme(I don't like random pick and I did watch it like, if have saw that I may look at that). I'm still watching Ano Hana well streaming because I'm 3 eps away and I have to say I like Irona more with a lame excuse it has more pretty girls.

Why I said that because I ___ed to this series. They added the cream of the crop a maid episode and you see the swimsuit ep. I still haven't finished IS left it at ep 5 or6( well that was when I had the laptop) I will get over with it eventually and I liked Korean Zombie more.
So I finished Shiki tonight and all I have to say at this scene is aaaaaa well I was thinking he had something up his sleeve.
 Also this combo /a/ says watch Bebop first then watch Champloo even my hipster friend said that. This sounds like a shit storm Bebop= Champloo. Ok Bebop has some symbolism or DEEP and the characters are likeable well I only like Spike and the robot arm. Maybe I would have liked it more in it's time but I didn't cable and Canada can not into toonami unless I have a satellite(they always think their cool). With the mature themes and that space setting well when I was younger mature wasn't cool for me as in that is not the key element that is enjoyable(huurr your scared). Then Champloo I liked all the characters even though they were like hey guise lets add a cute girl( this sounds familiar) with two badass samurai and make her the PLOT. The adventure was amusing with all the stuff they get into and I watched it in sub it came with both(I have to watch my samurai  people anime in subs sounds weebo) The dub didn't sound so bad though.

Yes I did watch some cartoons once in a while like The Avatar because when I watched it on TV I miss some eps all the time (shits still funny). Then I'm like I have too many cartoons about ASIA(well they are interesting) only a few I have that's Murrkan teen titans(oh wait)/ Dexter, the boondocks(wait hold on but it doesnt look Murrikan) and TinTin Europe/ the world. I also did like these two that I can remember so far World of Quest it came from Frosty land and I didn't see the ending ... then Caotix it makes the day go buy when I use to watch TV I would would look for them and Static Shock and Johny Bravo. Got that French cartoon but I didn't watch it yet.

I saw the first ep well I was going to watch it because I got some reaction images and Dat animation.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Your Going to get Paid My youth

Ok I don't really use funny Caribbean words, well there is always some new strange words or I just don't know any thing about it and of course every other island speak in there own funny sounding way. So yet again I work in a Caribbean restaurant not a really problem there and I was always working with adults. Caribbean folk don't bother people much if you don't want to talk and if your doing noting wrong but, teens on the other hand ...

The place is a small restaurant too and the previous place I was looked more organized and the kitchen is at least larger then the last place. Working errday 5 hours that isn't so bad I guess and during the kung-fu grind I get no pressure and no frustration just work and leave well its because other then the chef I have kitchen experience so I was "good" for a prep cook there cutting shit, rotating stock, cleaning and the inevitable dishes at least there is a small amount and that is not my only task. In comparison to the other place I worked at the chef was teaching me to do things like a perfectionist that isn't bad but its a pain so I got some pressure there.Other then that I should be getting paid at the end of this week also I decided to hop on the bandwagon and make a formspring (watch everyone leave or get bored when I join this always happens).I will be back after the check I'nm sure my parents will start some shit talking again after I buy some sort of technology(no cellphone and of course the gaming master race doesn't need apple products).