Monday, June 6, 2011

Mother of Shit

This common flaw has been exploited once again....
I didn't actually get paid, the place I worked gave me 100 and they didn't expect to pay me yet because I was getting paid by the government(I will never get paid by the place I work) for a month. So my parents were worked up about me getting paid I know they would want my money well because I'm an adult. So I gave them the 100 and imply implications my younger siblings made shit up fill in the lines(every one around me does that though) so they think I got my full 35 hour minimum wage, so now I have to scavenge for bus tickets because they think I have money. I also lied(mother of shit I think I did one lie to my parents with the money conversation) about not going to work last week Tuesday to the job developer, I was upset so I didn't go if I did quit then I will have to deal with unlimited shit works. From what I heard I was working like fool for charity for 2 weeks come on I can't afford to do that so I basically lost some motivation so I do some lazy stuff but, it is not noticeable to them because they are also lazy I'm still "the hard worker".  Bring this up for the moment I always laugh when I see a reply on the anonymous image board "enjoy being a corporate slave" well they got me, all shit I have to do to get paid for work. Sounds like I need to have another meeting with my job developer.

I got work but I don't like thinking optimistic because it is also not natural for me because every thing is shit as in things won't magically become better. My negative thought came to life yet again I knew some some shit happen again so I only think pessimistic to prepare my self for the worse also I would like to say that it gives some self satisfaction. I don't really like the way my older brother gives me his optimistic views and tell the opposite like if I easily obtain the objective. Then my hipster firend doesn't wanty me to waste his optimistic aura and saying I'm emo, what a faggot what ever I say is my reality/obvious also the so called rich guy some times says he has no money he either has bad money management or he likes to exaggerate things.

 Anyways my parents use to tell me don't tell people I know that I have a job but its not like I'm going to tell them anyways I really have gotten tired of being around that hipster he only come around me because we live in the building if not another lost contact but I'm sure he will appear around the otaku guy. So the hipster would bother me  to go with him eventually even though I'm the guy forgotten when they do some thing, I may start hearing stuff form otaku and otaku 2 but there always together so I'm sure they are occupied. I was going to stick with solitude anyways not because of parents but I will still show up a few times like usual.

Thinking I won't write a lot I still come up with some thing thanks pointing out some games, I had a bunch of rpgs and strategy some puzzle games in mind because that's all I use to play all I remembered playing was FFTA2 tired advance wars and luminous arc and there is the the Nintendo series characters and mega man.

  >Etrian Odyssey series or Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey. Radiant Historia I never saw my friends with these titles sounds interesting
>The World Ends With You  I tried it out once but I ddin't play the game so zetta slowpoke.jpg I had to pull out that forced meme
megaman zero Oh I have played them for the gba and tried the one for DS and people say mega man star somting was shit but people said battlenet work was shit and I liked it so I 'm going to try it out.

>the pokemon games are nice, though their real value comes when playing competitively
Of course with out that all  your charizard will know ember,fire spin, flame thrower, fire blast it urks me seeing a lv 5 attack and all the same type attacks for a lv 100.

I watched some shonen "to raise my spirits" Soul Eater is pretty much enjoyable for me to so I watched some thing off my list because I don't have it with me for the time being. I know but I would like it but I didn't feel like watching it the faces they make are also pretty funny.


  1. That was such a horrible thing to happen to you, I'm sorry.

  2. It sucks that you're not getting paid. It's not like they're never going to pay you right? Once the waiting period passes you'll be able to enjoy your new found funds.

  3. I hope you'll encounter the route heroine soon.

  4. woah must suck for you. BTW, when I said "competitively" in regards to the pokemon games, I meant it like... with others. Not ingame, but against others you know? which requires building a team with a correct choice of pokemon, types attacks (not flamethrower fireblast fire punch and blast burn in the same pokemon), abilities, EV and IV training, etc. It's some deep shit man, but it's very enjoyable. Anyway, forgive me if I'm poisoning your mind.

  5. >I didn't actually get paid, the place I worked gave me 100 and they didn't expect to pay me yet because I was getting paid by the government(I will never get paid by the place I work) for a month.

    Holy shit, if that was me, I would be furious. You should definitely take that up with someone because that sort of thing is unacceptable

  6. I'm pretty sure I once had a Charizard with something like those moves. In my defence I was pretty young at the time. It'd be pretty fun to go back and play one of the older Pokemon games sometime.

  7. I can't believe it! That acutally happened? Wow...

  8. It sucks when the place you work at doesn't pay you your wages. I'd take that up with the higher ups or something because that's not cool. Good luck man, and I hope it all works out.

  9. I should start watching Soul Eater.
    I hear my friends talking about it all of the time.