Sunday, May 27, 2012

You Can't Go Wrong With Tanks

I like the game enough to write about it. So I remember two years ago I heard about this game from /jp/ and I was like its tanks I gotta play but my computer was shit so I didn't even try. Then last month my otaku friend and the skype group was talking about what to play, then my friend was like lets all play tanks 4/8 continued playing. The part that sucks about the game you can't play with more players your platoon(party) enables so its like 2 players, a couple of times me and my otaku friend just play the game 8 or more hours.
The tanks are divided into tiers the higher tiers implies how capable in combat the tank is in the game, I'm planning to stay with tier 5 and below because its more easy to manage and give me a chance to try out the other types of vehicles. When you start playing the game you  may start finding tier 7s when playing as a tier 3, discouraging at first but thats rare if your not using artillery because they have high damg, as a tier 5 I'm comfortable with 4-7 if there is 3-5 tier 8 game is going to suck unless I'm a fast scout and dodge bullets.
So the images below have tanks from 4 different nations that was used in history or prototypes( which are retarded strong) and the tree graph just divides the route of a light tank, med tank, heavy tank, artillery and, tank destroyer( lets be tank destroyers because basically everyone is a tank!).
So From what I have heard and witnessed in some games USA has a crappy start(below 5 for med and light) in terms of armor the damg is average, Soviet got really powerful guns every thing but heavies got weak armor and, decent speed, French got good armor, bad speed( in low tiers) and shitty damg if you don't know how to aim, Germany feels pretty much all around(guns also feels better then Murrican tanks) and, mabe more fast tanks.

There is other scat like crew training but I don't want to go that far, also when you start the game I swear its like you read one sentence then you go straight in a game so every thing was terrible and, it takes some time to get use with aiming, then you can drive and shot talk about multitasking(only works close range at best). Then the maps there is a lot but some maps start occurring frequently after you reach higher tiers(so sad you cant favorite mapfag and stack teams because the game Qs like LoL and you can return to the game if you disconnect).Oh and a reminder the chances of a 1 vs 5 is nearly impossible unless you are top tier so its a team reliant game its not bad just make a good formation or, take  key points( it can be points on the map you good at ) then win!
The wiki from this game also has images of the real tank and some history.
So er world of warplanes is in beta to lazy to participate as usual and, it depends how long it will take and I have no idea how long the game is online.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Got This

So its been like a month and a half since I put something up here and I didn't read other blogs. What I did with in that time was er I jumped from one job to another but I wasn't working for a long time though (not even past two weeks)...
Last month I found a job at an electronic recycling plant well it was a random call, and they asked me if I want the job and I tried it out. It was a dusty warehouse environment were I was using safety equipment like glasses and gloves etc. When I was there I did 4 different tasks from dismounting and breaking CPUs then dividing parts to get crushed. Then dumping old radios, VCRs, phones, old game consoles to get crushed. Moving large boxes with a pump-truck (funny name for a manual forklift) to the other stations replacing wares and drop boxes for the crusher. The last part was scooping dust that fall out of the crusher and dumping it back in only did that once shit was hard because I have to dump it over my head.

After wards I found out about a carpenter union close by. Got registered for training last week so I need to get my tools and, shit ready when I start class then after a class or two, I can start working again.