Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Season

There will never be enough

Ya anime post, so the winter Season started a month ago. I got on to this seasons anime not because I would find more what I like but there was no batch from the previous season and some of them are 24 eps. Like it took till the end of December for Uta no Prince-sama. Some people are saying winter is bad I guess if your not looking forward to the sequels, and I was like oh shit nigger what are you doing, Seed remastered. Maybe its weak you never know Spring had plot, summer had PLOT, fall had action and fan service, winter has sequels and sci-fi/ mehca. Well I have picked a lot but I may choose not watch it at all and I am always skeptical with mehca no reason why not much of a mehca fan anyways. Like I got gunbsuter/diebuster and I didn't watch it yet and its short but I had a blast with TTGL because it was ridiculous and the same deal space operas I may enjoy LoGH but downloading is too much space(ya I know I can take fragments) you too fist of the north star.

So I may watch:
Zero no Tsukaima F  because I saw the rest
Nisemonogatari   fan service is too gud
Moretsu Pirates  troll pirates
Amagami SS Plus
papa no lu kato o kikinasai  pedo shit fan service
symphogear  wat people are getting killed
rinne no lagarange hmm
high school DxD  looks like tits and ass anime fanserive is more then tits and ass though
tantei opera milky holmes 2  moar pedo shit
inu x boku SS I read the summary may watch
aquarion  slutty girls
gokujyo  more pretty girls
rock shooter  blunder of the season

Liking the 2 anime that I just watch so far Pirates and Monogatari(thats what I call it now) and soon to watch Amagami and Zero Ya I can satisfy with almost anything but in reality I'm a greedy guy so I'm never satisfied, so you can say I approach things indifferently or I have no taste like water.

 My fan service can not be this deep.

So I read the summary to this because of the title generic quirk in any anime and they had the best girls on the cover. The theme also feels like home because if there is some thing good to eat its like a race if I don't participate I get 0 they don't save any thing good.

 Yet again I was not ruined by spoilers even though I found the images and I know I would like it.
At first I though it was a kawai girl anime(not implying that is a bad thing) because I didn't read the summary because thats a rare thing for me to do and I liked it there will be no second season same goes for Legend of the Legendary dango(its funny I didn't watch LoL heros and shiki during its season because I use to think 2010 summer was weak oh ya I was watching Gintama most of the time to find out) and Rosen maiden the list goes on, hey at least korean zombie 2 starts at spring.

Dat cubed fan sersive.

Fate zero better then fate scat anime even though I just started zero and I still didn't watch UBW.

Greasing my motor.gif

I also have this urge to organize my images better its increasing past every moon.
I didnt watch it yet but I have the 1st few eps im getting there

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Slowpoke General

Lots to say but wasn't in the mood to write it down.So this is going to be my second year of blogging.
So 22 next month, no job, no secondary ed, no licenses(drivers or any thing else),certificates that seem to be useless for me.

Signed up for Navy last month the guy I talked with said the only job what is available for me is cook get is cook, my mom doesn't want me to go and its a fax and month away. So I went back to one of the better Job places again and scheduled an appointment.
About that grant thing I gave up on that because the person to sign the papers was on vacation. I could have done it two months ago.
Also I was close to getting a job but I guess not, it was some job fair at UPS then I get a call the next day saying its postponed for January swindled again GG world. Obviously I got false information because it does take effort to put advertisements and there was a lot of people there early...

When I got this during October I was GG then its now like what the fuck man.

So basically I was in the mood to plays games again well shitty MMOs to be exact. Friend group was playing DFO again so when I'm a team with em(in our private room) its always auto lose(we say) if its my stronger chars its questionable some times I do good then I go to complete shit most of the times well I didn't play pvp as much as them so that's probably the case. Also They released the male fighter holy crap he shits on female fighters chest for nen master and brawler well they are the most obvious ones.

One guy in friend group plays LoL, I said that my friend group doesn't like LoL and I didn't word it properly..We didn't play because lv 30s I could have used my brothers account but naw. I was thinking of trying out 1 ranked game after I get Vayne and now a days I use dominion as practice because I never did take it seriously because its like a fast paced 1v1 most of the time its funny that I get lots of points too(try hards ruin the game even though we are winning) I got a quad kill too(well its not glorious as classic) as Ezreal.

I was confirming the loot I got Amnesia works I didn't play it yet. Little buster ain't working I mayde(yes I make slang for mad), keep getting error 2100. I played some KS but I didn't get too far I'm still in act 1 I think. Got Yume Nikki.

At the end of the year I got my home now has a PS3 but it has no games joke of the year such is the life of Nutsman, well at least playing PS2 emu is more authentic too bad my frames are never perfect some games it goes to 40 and 50 and 30 in graphic heavy scenes. and a cat my moms friend gave away it was to close when he just came and now he avoids me I have no problem with that.(the images of the cat got an error I don't want to find him now)

Going full autism with Pokemon that's the reason too buy it right? 320hours and I still didn't make a 100 its close though and slowly assembling a team, and getting wi-fi trades to make babies. I actually did attempt to EV train now it even easier with the times you get from the battle subway.Back then my stats were ok but not exception all max stats and I did care about stats if they wrong stats, what can you do with it.
So there is a flawless pokemon now but this guy can't take hits and hes slow as shit. elecktross
I can see why garchomp is a big deal its too fast and its Fing strong outrage (going beyond+ swords) dance is GG.
This one came out good with, no useful nature and no good IVs well back then I use to try and get good IVs, but you can't tell when I tried an emerald game it did say I some desirable IVs now its all lost.

Bonus Vid the shit that I have to put up in the subway, there times I do good and some times I Blitz and then this. Ya its shitty quality but self explanatory.

Inb4 SOPA interrupts my blog post because today they are doing some thing about it. Animu will be in the next blog post if blogging is available.