Monday, December 17, 2012


Just a game of world of tanks like always the first video is crappy quality and I didn't bother recording with best quality, the sounds could be fixed too. I didn't try the in game recorder because it requires me to set up, it looks like it makes good quality though. Even with better >streamming technology I still decided to use crappy quality and, a better computer to boot. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Get Over With It

Dat Kaemen Raider Wizard
Should have done this last month at least what I have to write got better.

So Stuff I didn't write the other day. That 8 hours I got was actually the first time I got paid by the place I worked for . So I may have an idea were I can get closer to the kind of work I need, that word general contractor seems to be used a lot, so I should try calling the ones in Toronto and see what they have for apprentices(found nothing so far),I should also talk to the business reps if I want to find work faster or so I have heard.

With all that moving around forcing me to get a >cell phone or maybe I should use my moms phone more has, so I can confirm I was present at the current location I was assigned to. Like I said before this would be used for mainly for work. If I actually get the phone I will use minutes or whatever because I don't want to pay a monthly fee, when I don't work even if its $10, because its troublesome with my incompetence same goes for that loan for school I had some time now(good thing its not costly like other  courses) and they suggested to hold on till I can pay, and there is a union fee.

So my other job I got was more different(moving funiture) and I found other level ones so they were talking about "whats with all the temp work and odd jobs" also the way they got in the union was different from me. They said they went through pre-apprenticeship(the thing i was about to do) so basically you have to pay a sum of money(I don't know how the union does it) and, the guys said it doesnt't count as advancement hours, because I need 1800 hours to reach level 2. Then I though the schooling was going to be costly but they said the union members only need $400 for the basic course. I told them I just got in from a business rep(with out the details), how I got it was helping a co-worker at the electric plant about directions, another note I think I helped the guy I replaced at the food joint about getting certificates for construction he found me on the bus a week after that day and told be he got a job. I find lots of random people ask me for directions even though there is other people around me maybe because I appear confident/competent nope otherwise I would get jobs, a student/young ya I always have that school looking bag with me most of the time gotta hold stuff some were I fell more empty with out my bag or jacket(even if hot). So other then that I got lucky because all I did was sign papers and did a test and payed for initiation and, words of wisdom if you don't know a journeyman that can get you work or working for a  specific contractor then join a union to start some were because they don't want want you if you don't work.


Yes since the previous year during sept, the way how I live is a mess but it still felt the same because my mom doesn't work yet and went to school. Parents still treat me like shit because
I'm not a permanent worker or something like that and, my old man is going to retire  his shitty job next month(just as planned it was with in 11-13 he would stop). He mad that he cant leave Canada because he wants to go back were he was born even though he lost his property and, because they want a house but they never got close so he like fuck this place, so basically more shit talking everyday its not bad because its common for me. Sounds like I'm getting closer to living on the edge but it still feels the same for now, heh at least I didn't get kicked out.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


So it looks like I feel like blogging. So ya I have gotten the title of carpenter well to be specific an apprentice may be better then minimum wage but, it takes me so long to get a job and parents keep complaining. I got my first job 1 month ago and I messed up on the location I had to reach because area is not in Toronto, after wards I got relocated at a place 10 mins away from home here is the best part I was only able to make 8hours of work so it was one day(a little disappointed but not mad because it was my fault). Took like a full month again (this month) to get a  call for a job but, I was away to find a job oh the irony. I looked for a job that day because my parents forced me to and I ruined my chance there too because I didn't specifically say I have no car so I missed my rendezvous because bus was too slow.

I wanted the music at the end but I will leave it in between. Ya shitty game(makes me think about the anime I watch especially with the sequels) but I liked that music more then the original its not bad but it has its funny charm.

I ain't going to complain about that down time because I'm a shitty level one apprentice with no connections that's not new. I tried asking some building areas and they don't want/need apprentice.So I'm stating to think most of the low tier jobs are outside of Toronto because most of the jobs that may take low tiers sounds like its in the boonies from what I see from internet job posts reliable or not. I wonder if I would get hired that way if I was level 3 because that's the lowest number I see most of the time.

Now that winter is closing in that one of the times that many carpenters work less or so what I hear. So I signed up for another place that gets me jobs and they do get me jobs quick but I'm getting shitty warehouse jobs for minimum. Because that's the only place I can get hired never for anything else so I take what I can get restaurants gay always get faggot dishes to do, sales too hard, who is going to hire me to type for them?( I got a suggestion for this once)

One place had wood finishers were I can actually gain hours to upgrade apprenticeship but they don't need me there(I better get paid for those 2 days I did this week). So they are trying to relocate me again. They had a sigh for carpenter in their web page but they don't have anything now or they don't have low tier carpenter jobs.So I'm going to take any job they give until spring comes back.

I will continue the next day it may be long  I'm not sure.

Fortune Vocabulary

Ya I call it that some times or 4chins.
So from the couple of years there seems to be a pattern of the kind of words that come a lot now and then through out the years I remember a few but, I cant recall all of them so I will just put what I can think of now.
shiggity diggity
that feel
ironic shit posting
pretentious never seen this used alot any more but it was there
autism is one of them but its like a word that just naturally comes out

There more but its not coming to me.

Still too lazy to write any thing fixing my scat in my HD would help to make something easy to write too but ...Same always takes forever to get a job/find or, you know.

Friday, August 31, 2012


 So I took an image of small portion of what I have done, there was a two floor thing the class made and I didn't bring the cam for that. So in the images below there are 3 different objects stairs, wall to set up bricks, and a base. When the class starts a project we divide into groups and 2 people take on  one side if the group is made of 4 people. So this portion of carpentry is called form work so they make buildings, and that steel thing you see there is heavy because of its awkward shape the longer it is etc. From what I was told this portion needs lots of  objects to lift before I started I made myself soft so I had to lift in a slow way so my arms won't fall off( I was told I was below standards, clearly my body implies I move fast I can but, well you know)good thing my  small brother suggested on getting a pull up bar that works long ago, so I use that for the days I have not started to work. One teacher has taken some interest in me, so its a great way to know if I have improved or not but now I have to uphold and find jobs after wards I should try and work contacts.(oh look cell phone useful now)


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Was I busy?

 No not really with in the last time I wrote some thing here. Got lazy with league and starting trolling my friends and playing soft(I dont give a shit if my team is bad or they can take a role they didn't learn to use, that's the exception of friends right? Or one guy I know will say I will play with my better friends) started to play less too. Too much anime/games/circle jerk no manga( well never manga) never played a VN since February still didn't finish that sharin or kira kira never bother to get little busters, to work rage quit with monster quest 2 and I have right there( save continue wont work even though I follow instructions) no blogging what is formspring, I have achieved greater archives of 2 TB thinking of 1 TB a year is too suspicious.

Most of the time I want to play that PS3(cant because I don't have a TV screen) that has games tales of graces F( trying to get all what I need in the normal gmae before I continue the extra mode) , disgaea 4, dark souls, white knight cronicels ( I was told I got the inferior version). I had no problems enjoying the games so far. Did the story line of graces at the 2nd month of the game release the most recent game I got is late according to my friends standards. Then trying to get through disgaea 4(desco OP, inuyasha OP to a certain extent) because that's the 2nd game i got then even eventually I will play dark souls seriously and white knight.

 Having done any other thing like learning how to use that tablet better but I think starting with a large image first will help( never did that yet though). So I have started my carpenter training and I have one more week left to lazy to put a 'do you even lift.jpeg' so working with the skill trades is competitive eh I think I will still try electricain after 2-3 years with improving my rank though school and work experience(dont give a scat if |I get less of a wage I still got time) and once I can get organized(close to earning the career title) I would like to  try being nomadic. Speaking of time look how I casually waste 3 hours with my baddie stream of course your not going to waste 3 hours but just saying(yes I am talking when I record now plus with skype group, some times I forget to configure stuff).

Sunday, May 27, 2012

You Can't Go Wrong With Tanks

I like the game enough to write about it. So I remember two years ago I heard about this game from /jp/ and I was like its tanks I gotta play but my computer was shit so I didn't even try. Then last month my otaku friend and the skype group was talking about what to play, then my friend was like lets all play tanks 4/8 continued playing. The part that sucks about the game you can't play with more players your platoon(party) enables so its like 2 players, a couple of times me and my otaku friend just play the game 8 or more hours.
The tanks are divided into tiers the higher tiers implies how capable in combat the tank is in the game, I'm planning to stay with tier 5 and below because its more easy to manage and give me a chance to try out the other types of vehicles. When you start playing the game you  may start finding tier 7s when playing as a tier 3, discouraging at first but thats rare if your not using artillery because they have high damg, as a tier 5 I'm comfortable with 4-7 if there is 3-5 tier 8 game is going to suck unless I'm a fast scout and dodge bullets.
So the images below have tanks from 4 different nations that was used in history or prototypes( which are retarded strong) and the tree graph just divides the route of a light tank, med tank, heavy tank, artillery and, tank destroyer( lets be tank destroyers because basically everyone is a tank!).
So From what I have heard and witnessed in some games USA has a crappy start(below 5 for med and light) in terms of armor the damg is average, Soviet got really powerful guns every thing but heavies got weak armor and, decent speed, French got good armor, bad speed( in low tiers) and shitty damg if you don't know how to aim, Germany feels pretty much all around(guns also feels better then Murrican tanks) and, mabe more fast tanks.

There is other scat like crew training but I don't want to go that far, also when you start the game I swear its like you read one sentence then you go straight in a game so every thing was terrible and, it takes some time to get use with aiming, then you can drive and shot talk about multitasking(only works close range at best). Then the maps there is a lot but some maps start occurring frequently after you reach higher tiers(so sad you cant favorite mapfag and stack teams because the game Qs like LoL and you can return to the game if you disconnect).Oh and a reminder the chances of a 1 vs 5 is nearly impossible unless you are top tier so its a team reliant game its not bad just make a good formation or, take  key points( it can be points on the map you good at ) then win!
The wiki from this game also has images of the real tank and some history.
So er world of warplanes is in beta to lazy to participate as usual and, it depends how long it will take and I have no idea how long the game is online.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Got This

So its been like a month and a half since I put something up here and I didn't read other blogs. What I did with in that time was er I jumped from one job to another but I wasn't working for a long time though (not even past two weeks)...
Last month I found a job at an electronic recycling plant well it was a random call, and they asked me if I want the job and I tried it out. It was a dusty warehouse environment were I was using safety equipment like glasses and gloves etc. When I was there I did 4 different tasks from dismounting and breaking CPUs then dividing parts to get crushed. Then dumping old radios, VCRs, phones, old game consoles to get crushed. Moving large boxes with a pump-truck (funny name for a manual forklift) to the other stations replacing wares and drop boxes for the crusher. The last part was scooping dust that fall out of the crusher and dumping it back in only did that once shit was hard because I have to dump it over my head.

After wards I found out about a carpenter union close by. Got registered for training last week so I need to get my tools and, shit ready when I start class then after a class or two, I can start working again.

Friday, March 30, 2012

In Before Minus Elo

Dedicated LoL post so there can be more space for other stuff the next time I write up. So apparently other guys from my main skype group decided to play, well two other guys not all of them and they got addicted because at first they said the game is lame. They wont play alone much and only with a group plus other guys they know so I got another 5 player game with no retards and,  the best positions to take if you have 3-2 randoms is jungle, top, or mid other wise GG.
I got a head set last month and started playing with microphones its pretty funny that we sometimes have bad team co-ordination well the two guys are not level 30 yet but, they have an idea what to do if they are not dead all the time.
Ya I'm prepared for ranked games next month and I got two more champs to go because I make IP really fast(if I play I thinks its for 6-8 hours in comparison to 2-4) now not because easy wins because a quarter of the time is troll games and then there is the all tanks games and we win( I always say tanks too gud or tanks stronk) never gets old so what I have heard its viable.

So I faggot out from buying a vayne to buy sona and corki, I really like corki hes fun and an ez mode ezreal because corki got better auto attacks and endurance. I can play support but baby first is not so easy for me I can't do a flash crescendo at an angle because I'm too slow and I have a hard to time to get away compared to soraka and janna. The remaining two champs I will buy is morgana and urgot hes got the utility for mid, top,  and could be a ranged carry. Ya I may not like morgana much because I was bad with her but I was not being srs( all u have to do is land q) and now I why she gets banned tanky and scrubs cant deal with her, plus hour glass ult just like kennen thats garbage.

So many runes so little rune pages ya the default two pages. So the positions I'm going to aim for is support, carry, or mid. I'm fine with support as long as the carry farms and doesn't go balls deep we good. Some how I didn't lose a lane as anivia me surprised. With that all going on I'm going to try and get ranked with 10 games not all at once though.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why Not

So I have found myself a job again. Here is the catch the hiring manager will hire anyone(yes he said anyone) and his target is teens to young adults, the job is commission  based of sales and not just plain work. If your good at making people accept using a machine to make holes in their lawn and haggling(not like overboard) then your set for spring/summer if not its going to be shit.Yet again I find a job near summer I always wonder how can I manage during winter. So far I did terrible on the job(is to be expected) walking around with that machine and, the best I can do is make one sale I'm going to try and at least stay around for ten days.I don't have problems talking with people the problem is just talking at least I found other hints for electrical companies.

I think I may come close to find some thing about an apprenticeship they said all I have to do is find a person that will take me on and register me with the job agency no need to pay for any thing and all you need is highschool diploma. Ya it so easy but I have not found anything yet there is some job fair for apprentices next week I'm going to check it out.

Eh that's all for now.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not Even Bronze

Its not what I have expected though, its division 48 silver most I'm sure its not high but its not bronze. I lost some placement matches due to getting trapped for building my expansions early(like you see 8 men camping while I leave my builder open) then its GG for me, Then another game I think the gold player I beat was either trying out other races or didn't play for a long time and these placement matches put me up against silver and golds That feel when I may closer to pro then scrub.
That all I can say so far.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Gotta Get Dat Bronze

My birth day past four days ago I didn't do much(obviously not because I'm old it always like that every time) other then the dentist says I should floss every day also with my terrible hygiene(its like brush 2 times 1 week) I didn't get cavities because I dont eat much and I'm like a health fag, but I still eat junk like candy but its not available everyday. Don't forget the free entertainment(friend takes me to movies get free tickets from other friend) going to the movies watched Women in Black I have no opinion some stuff made me laugh though ya so basically a "normal day" well I don't go to the cinema and I may never because I don't go there.

Gaymen post below

I just noticed I was lacking images every time I blog

So I finally started to "play"(and trying to finish the story mode that my brother did) Starcraft 2 and my mind was blown about the things I didn't do because I was still lacking the basics. After the day my friend group wanted to play Starcraft we all didn't play for some time and I was slow as shit in the 3 player game and then gave up. Another day I played again with just one guy he usually plays and he was gold ranked(sadly no one else played enough to get far they only played team games) then we had a 1v1 just to get back lost 2/3 well I beat his weaker race(terran hes a zerg player). Then he said should use hotkeys I kind of did that, the challenge mode made using hotkeys more clear, and I didn't know you can make a shortcut(ctrl+1 ect) for legions and buildings then the deal breaker. I wasn't aware chrono boost can be used on other buildings for production basically I was using it wrong, now very hard AI is no pressure any more(insane mode is hax normal people don't do this) so far what I can use its toss, terran, zerg(can not into zerg I struggled to beat a hard mode A.I well I didn't win games with terran either). Time to get on that bronze league.(I still can't make pro sentry coordination, and if I got what it takes my brother soiling my rank will mean nothing)
So my pokemans can't seem to top that 18 win streak at the battle subway, because its set up to exploit my weakness( it becomes pretty obvious when you see to mamoswines in a row). So even with a garchomp I still lose well I didn't get it good moves from breading(no outrage), abomasnow is pretty cool, swaggerless tanky donphan( I need battle points for swagger), drain punch would have been perfect for my breloom, haxorous rivals garchomp but it has weak endurance and no x4. It would be nice if I had a swampert and megnezone I was magneton was strong enough and it lost the levitate, I can't get it in a trade unless I find someone with it I may try that image board for pokemon and see what I find.( what I like using being vague is earth types, they got that endurance and power with some utility like grass or poison I don't have much of that type though)

Some LoL stuff here after getting used to playing with my skype friend plus his friends(real life too) it felt a little boring that we won 8 games in a row its like we are being matched with retards its was just too easy(ez mode wins is a no no for me). Speaking of retards I played a game with a random guy that add me long ago(they are all latinos to I should lrean my spanish off them) and, I was playing with under 30s so I was like holy hell this slow so basically the other team hunts me down to progress but I won. I do like playing with another person to get familiar with different plays like my skype friend every time we play there is some guy that does a retard build it reminds me trying to reach 30 and we always lose together as duo then a blogger(sugoi) that I'm a use with playing him and some times there is a retard or baddies we still pull through if there is no retards. Other then jungle he plays support he says hes bad with ranged I have no problem with that.
I seem to play any role fine and I did try jungle with malphite on rare occasions(dominate early game as jungle lost game because team bad and the other jungler forced me to counter jungle because he steals my blue) and when I'm a tank get ready to fuck up some turrets I hate when I have a team that only uses creep waves to move forward.
So after I got anivia an AP I actually like no pressure here except ffff mana and if the team doesn't follow my actions we are screwed that wall is also deadly trapping people with it is troll tier. The scalling AP runes I got after anivia boosted my mage game, Lux is now easy mode like garren and my sion got better, but I still can not into ryze well he uses mana AP doesn't help much(I don't want to get him specific runes)I was able to win domion games but not dominate and still lose in normal mode. One game with my skype friend and I was ryze then some other guy says ryze beats kennen in my mind, I was like you serious and I did say I was bad with ryze in advance( I did cost my friend the game), he doesnt have ez mode burst like annie(my annie will be way better too and I barely use her) and other mages I use plus a bad habit when I use ryze I press the wrong keys alot and all I got to do is use Q and something else then Q again. I like the fact that he has good utility but I can't use him. Ok forreals gangplank( as suggestion I will take it because I got no melee carry and because of all the bad GP I have seen so hes not ban worthy) then vayne then ranked that would be about 3 months.

Thats him no idea how old he is.Surprised I though my family hates cats well parents, I'm neutral about cats and dogs but with winter I don't want to outside.This guy does bite he thinks I taste good, and likes to tag things(well play tag).

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Season

There will never be enough

Ya anime post, so the winter Season started a month ago. I got on to this seasons anime not because I would find more what I like but there was no batch from the previous season and some of them are 24 eps. Like it took till the end of December for Uta no Prince-sama. Some people are saying winter is bad I guess if your not looking forward to the sequels, and I was like oh shit nigger what are you doing, Seed remastered. Maybe its weak you never know Spring had plot, summer had PLOT, fall had action and fan service, winter has sequels and sci-fi/ mehca. Well I have picked a lot but I may choose not watch it at all and I am always skeptical with mehca no reason why not much of a mehca fan anyways. Like I got gunbsuter/diebuster and I didn't watch it yet and its short but I had a blast with TTGL because it was ridiculous and the same deal space operas I may enjoy LoGH but downloading is too much space(ya I know I can take fragments) you too fist of the north star.

So I may watch:
Zero no Tsukaima F  because I saw the rest
Nisemonogatari   fan service is too gud
Moretsu Pirates  troll pirates
Amagami SS Plus
papa no lu kato o kikinasai  pedo shit fan service
symphogear  wat people are getting killed
rinne no lagarange hmm
high school DxD  looks like tits and ass anime fanserive is more then tits and ass though
tantei opera milky holmes 2  moar pedo shit
inu x boku SS I read the summary may watch
aquarion  slutty girls
gokujyo  more pretty girls
rock shooter  blunder of the season

Liking the 2 anime that I just watch so far Pirates and Monogatari(thats what I call it now) and soon to watch Amagami and Zero Ya I can satisfy with almost anything but in reality I'm a greedy guy so I'm never satisfied, so you can say I approach things indifferently or I have no taste like water.

 My fan service can not be this deep.

So I read the summary to this because of the title generic quirk in any anime and they had the best girls on the cover. The theme also feels like home because if there is some thing good to eat its like a race if I don't participate I get 0 they don't save any thing good.

 Yet again I was not ruined by spoilers even though I found the images and I know I would like it.
At first I though it was a kawai girl anime(not implying that is a bad thing) because I didn't read the summary because thats a rare thing for me to do and I liked it there will be no second season same goes for Legend of the Legendary dango(its funny I didn't watch LoL heros and shiki during its season because I use to think 2010 summer was weak oh ya I was watching Gintama most of the time to find out) and Rosen maiden the list goes on, hey at least korean zombie 2 starts at spring.

Dat cubed fan sersive.

Fate zero better then fate scat anime even though I just started zero and I still didn't watch UBW.

Greasing my motor.gif

I also have this urge to organize my images better its increasing past every moon.
I didnt watch it yet but I have the 1st few eps im getting there