Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I finally Composed Some Thing

I finally got in the composing mood and created this it has a simple rhythm and not many notes but at least it sounds decent I also mad a fast and slow version.
Since I didn't study music it will take me a while to come up with stuff and then learning all those strange composing signs that I will make use of eventually.I make music in my sleep(that's rare though) and I make music in my head but the more notes it has the higher chance I will forget it. I got about 5 different tracks that I can remember and I'm thinking of composing  them but that take some time(they are all different types of music not kind).

I prefer the way you can listen to this on the internet instead of downloading it this is the easy way so far.
Download Link


  1. If you want a tip... don't aim for a goal... just experiment until you make something you like, and then modify it.

    Good software to make things like that? Melody Assistant. I used it for many years, it never dissappointed me. For mixing, VSTi and MIDI, there's a lot of programs like Fruity Loops.

  2. I have tried fruity loops once and I didn't put in much time to get use to it. The program I have used is anvil studio.

  3. I've written a lot of songs and my advice is to learn some music theory. It really isn't that hard but the payoff is immense.

  4. I'm pretty much the opposite - I know the music theory but when I tried using Fruity Loops I couldn't manage to get anything to work well.

  5. Niiice yeah I've been wanting a good audio suite but haven't found one that doesn't make my brain hurt. Tired FL as well and didn't get too far with it.

  6. I'm no music expert, but it sounds pretty funky smooth to me!