Monday, May 30, 2011

Almost There

So it looks like I get paid today took long enough. Also I'm a replacement for another guy that use to work had some feeling that would happen, upset Negro and a sensitive manager( for some reason their uptight or sensitive I guess because they can). So now they are testing the elastic band so no I'm going to have different shits and today I go for 4pm-12 am sounds like a pain because I know what they want me to do it's the time were there is actual work. I wonder if I can finish my task quickly if I can see that I can, I will just act slower and not use both hands, I alternate if I am about to get tired. My left hand can't do every thing but it is for some support I  use it now and then so it won't be a fragile geek arm like it was long ago and, I got some coordination with it I use to switch arms on the mouse when I was tired scrolling on trickster.

So I will get a desk a used or old computer and a Nintendo DS for now I don't even remember were I can get those flash card things. There is also a crap load of stuff form all those years is there any games you would like to point out?


  1. R4? You can order one off the net.

  2. mmm I'm thinking about getting a DS and flash cartridge too.

    get megaman zero collection if you haven't played those games on the gba.

    the pokemon games are nice, though their real value comes when playing competitively

  3. good 2 hear that you got paid

    btw like your blog

  4. It's great that you're getting paid. If you're into first-person dungeon crawlers, I would suggest the Etrian Odyssey series or Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey.

  5. Good work getting paid. Hopefully it won't take so long every time.

  6. When you talk about using hands I thought you were talking about something else.

    Get Radiant Historia, if you want JRPG story similar to Chrono Trigger or Legend of Mana type of stories.

  7. For Ds games I'd go with what Jerry said, what Haydn said, and maybe Phoenix Wright if you like games with lots of text, and The World Ends With You for touchscreen gameplay.
    Congrats on payment!