Wednesday, October 15, 2014

As Expected

Something was wrong with the past two years and it was my career path it was good and all, but I never get the time so I was basically still a neet, as my friend would like to say, or part time neet same shit. I did the schooling too but it doens't help much cause im still level one if things go ideal or the it was said I should be a level 3, all cause I cant drive.  Though it was cool that I get free money if I did the schooling, but if you worked those hours its a pretty bad comparison.

Lucky me last year I was working at a bakery and it was the first time I had a good job(I was folding dough and packing), I get paid on time, both of the managers are cool and friendly, the work environment was fine cause the  middle aged co workers don't really bother me other then were is your girlfriend, and my boss make jokes about it when the radio plays "no women no cry". I also worked till closing with no supervision and help the guy packing if my job is done and leave around 6-9pm. I was also the guy cause I was able to get my friend in the job and the boss said I can do my carpenter job and then get back at the bakery when the job is done(or when they get rid of me). Then the area that had the bakery got a flood(durring summer), so that was one of the reasons it closed down cause equipment maybe damaged, repair costs, wasted products, etc.

Parents ranting about my shortcomings telling me that I should be a construction worker, cause you can't really tell the difference cause they kind of do all the same things here. Unless you talking about cabinets and that is divided here so I'm not thinking about that, and if you want to get things good you are better of making your own business. I just wanted to build houses but I have not done that either.

Now I am going for a military job for real, cause last time I stayed because I didn't want to be a cook, now they have more trade jobs available so I want in on that cause I figured out like doing this kind of work. I also wanted to leave my parents I am right bull shit the only thing I did wrong is being a neet. My younger brother has his job too and it looks like he is doing fine so I can leave knowing that.

The stuff I did with in the years if I can remember, I went to an anime convention with friends and it was fine with the hotel bookings and all. I have too much games now. I got my pvc collection.I got da holes you know which ones. I got the drivers permit but not close to driving on my own cause 1 year que(3 months from now). Went to LA and San D checked out the anime expo. Started hanging out at card shops since the start of the year, playing weiss swarchs. Got a small tank collection it hard to find tanks I want of 32 scale cause its too niche and I don't think the companies process more models. Too lazy to add many images and yes the same old anime viewing, and shit posting(I tried kancolle too but im not so in to it).