Monday, December 17, 2012


Just a game of world of tanks like always the first video is crappy quality and I didn't bother recording with best quality, the sounds could be fixed too. I didn't try the in game recorder because it requires me to set up, it looks like it makes good quality though. Even with better >streamming technology I still decided to use crappy quality and, a better computer to boot. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Get Over With It

Dat Kaemen Raider Wizard
Should have done this last month at least what I have to write got better.

So Stuff I didn't write the other day. That 8 hours I got was actually the first time I got paid by the place I worked for . So I may have an idea were I can get closer to the kind of work I need, that word general contractor seems to be used a lot, so I should try calling the ones in Toronto and see what they have for apprentices(found nothing so far),I should also talk to the business reps if I want to find work faster or so I have heard.

With all that moving around forcing me to get a >cell phone or maybe I should use my moms phone more has, so I can confirm I was present at the current location I was assigned to. Like I said before this would be used for mainly for work. If I actually get the phone I will use minutes or whatever because I don't want to pay a monthly fee, when I don't work even if its $10, because its troublesome with my incompetence same goes for that loan for school I had some time now(good thing its not costly like other  courses) and they suggested to hold on till I can pay, and there is a union fee.

So my other job I got was more different(moving funiture) and I found other level ones so they were talking about "whats with all the temp work and odd jobs" also the way they got in the union was different from me. They said they went through pre-apprenticeship(the thing i was about to do) so basically you have to pay a sum of money(I don't know how the union does it) and, the guys said it doesnt't count as advancement hours, because I need 1800 hours to reach level 2. Then I though the schooling was going to be costly but they said the union members only need $400 for the basic course. I told them I just got in from a business rep(with out the details), how I got it was helping a co-worker at the electric plant about directions, another note I think I helped the guy I replaced at the food joint about getting certificates for construction he found me on the bus a week after that day and told be he got a job. I find lots of random people ask me for directions even though there is other people around me maybe because I appear confident/competent nope otherwise I would get jobs, a student/young ya I always have that school looking bag with me most of the time gotta hold stuff some were I fell more empty with out my bag or jacket(even if hot). So other then that I got lucky because all I did was sign papers and did a test and payed for initiation and, words of wisdom if you don't know a journeyman that can get you work or working for a  specific contractor then join a union to start some were because they don't want want you if you don't work.


Yes since the previous year during sept, the way how I live is a mess but it still felt the same because my mom doesn't work yet and went to school. Parents still treat me like shit because
I'm not a permanent worker or something like that and, my old man is going to retire  his shitty job next month(just as planned it was with in 11-13 he would stop). He mad that he cant leave Canada because he wants to go back were he was born even though he lost his property and, because they want a house but they never got close so he like fuck this place, so basically more shit talking everyday its not bad because its common for me. Sounds like I'm getting closer to living on the edge but it still feels the same for now, heh at least I didn't get kicked out.