Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Poll

So this time it will be about FPS/TPS I guess for multilayer because most single player makes you do stuff in the front lines as a super hero.
The options are;

Grunt the guy that runs forward and dies
Rambo like the grunt but you kill them all by your self and somehow not die
I like to mix it up
Depends on the team

Front lines the guy with the e penor that goes for that K/D ratio(don't take this seriously)
Defender you set up the camp fire and get the marshmallows
Sniper we all know what they do
Back-up your next to the guy in the front lines


  1. I haven't really played any FPS games that thoroughly since Counter-Strike. I'd probably pick back-up or defender though.

  2. Sorta depends on the game. Back when I played Tribes, I did base defense (and was damn good at it... at the time). Now I don't play them so much, so I tend to try to Rambo it up... with considerably less success.

  3. In games that allow it, I prefer to be a hunter type. Like a more calculating rambo.

    Otherwise, I prefer to defend and support my team. I don't like being on the front lines.

  4. Sniper, I'm not the type to give my life recklessly...

  5. I like to be somewhat of a 'Rambo' myself. Australian internet is slow and laggy, so there's not much point being stealthy when I play online. I just go in and destroy whoever I can. If my life is taken in the process, then so be it!

  6. TF2 is the FPS I play most, and I usually just switch to whatever's needed since no one else in the team will most of the time.

    >Australian internet is slow and laggy, so there's not much point being stealthy when I play online.

    I haven't had many problems with it myself, or at least my ping usually sits under 50.

  7. I personally hate any type of TPS/FPS nowadays due to many reasons that are too long to list. Even TF2 devolved into HAT FORTRESS.

  8. @Jerry Is it because amerikka can milk the gaming industry with FPS alone?
    I like some FPS/TPS once in a while its not a regular thing for me though but, it is kick ass playing with friends.

  9. lol sometimes I'm really stupid and just charge in there like a crazy fucker. Most of the time I'm crappy back-up.

  10. I usually play medic =P People don't notice me till im gone...

  11. Whenever I play a shooting game I just shoot randomly at everything that moves. I'm not very good at these kind of games.

  12. Depends on the way the Arena/Map/Level, but ill go for a shotgun/sniper mix mostly.