Saturday, April 9, 2011

Offensive Castle

I  really don't know shit about black/white but they did make some good looking pokemon trainers now a days to bad it didn't happen to the pokemon

I'm getting lazy again maybe because my room is still cold and its spring weather outside, I just check the patio and its warm but in my room its cold making my hands and feet freeze. So what I have been doing the past 2 weeks was playing snes I didn't complete donkey kong country 2-3 so I'm playing it and I was about to replay secret of mana, I should not do this well I dropped the game at the last boss and the game was rage inducing from the start. Played the adams family for lols and, I didn't play kirby's dreamland 2(gameboy)- 3(snes) and replaying  kirby's superstar. Also I'm getting into skies of arcadia that main character he has the spark in his eye and dat confidence, I didn't play the game right away that much becuase I got lost in the over world map then the random battles makes it worse. I was also taking a look at some other web code tricks.
I bearly watch anime for about the whole last month but at least I just finished kyoran and,  most of the other stuff I watched needed only about 5 more eps to complete.

I tried microvolts last night the game looks like some thing I can enjoy but my laptop is too shit play the game properly as in, my aim is laggy and if I get in a group gunning I just freeze at least I got one head shot then died 3 times and the game was over because my team was losing. I think this same problem will occur during LoL and elsword I'm disappoint.

So far noting good from what I got in the interview the manager was repeating questions are you sure, and stuff like that and she says this is not like working in a restaurant, the other places didn't give me a call but I have found other places were I can click for a job search. I have an idea what to do because my dad works in a factory that's why he is a grumpy old troll and always telling me I work my ass everyday and you sit there enjoying your self, well noting is fulfilling to me any more for a couple of years going on. Even my brother in law that got his marine biology degree I didn't ask what level he got, and he works in a fish factory or he is a fish butcher at least his rich family gives gifts for the kids I don't bother borrowing of my older sister she won't give any thing without a question and I can't keep it for as long as I want .
My old man says hes going to retire next year that's not good, he says I should get some thing that gets me a job right away well for hospitality I may get some backup from my otaku friend hes doing hotel management though hes still in the theaters working and he also did screw up on some parts but he was just lazy because lots of people take him for being the smart guy, hes not a 200% egotistical douche like the other guy so he would be kind of like a connection.
I hate to say this but I think I will try offense this time, by calling the manager since google has the number of each restaurant if you the know the location. I wonder if these people with a stick up their ass that can simply judge every thing critically, will pick up the phone from a random caller? I also hate using the answering machine. Or I should try finding some apprentice trade(the trades that give pay) thing again some were.


  1. good luck, it's not easy to get a job in the current market
    I like the new electric gym leader, she's very cool looking

  2. Hope you manage to keep warm, friend. And best of luck with the job-hunting ;~;

    Apprenticeships and trade-work is very common for young people here where I live. That could be a decent choice if you can't find anything else. Good luck!

  3. being jobless is damn boring. i'm planning to further my study right after i finish up my degree, but it's not easy as i think. too much problems I faced and now i'm still stuck in my house for almost 10 months doing nothing

  4. The characters in Pokemon Black/White are pretty well designed now days (even a poplar), but I think they're just running out of ideas in terms of the Pokemon themselves.

  5. I wish it was cold where I am. The sun is way too generous around these parts.

    Being on the offense sounds like a good idea. This might show them that you're willing to work.

  6. She is way to umm attractive to be in pokemon games..

  7. Good luck with the job search, I can't stand interviews and the like. They always seem to ask pointless stuff.

  8. Great post! I hope you keep up this excellent blogging! :)

  9. If by good, you mean fap-friendly, sure.

    >I'm getting lazy again maybe because my room is still cold and its spring weather outside

    My room has really shitty insulation. It's either too cold or too hot, and it's never just right. I feel you, man.

    >I also hate using the answering machine


  10. >I really don't know shit about black/white but they did make some good looking pokemon trainers

    Indeed, I almost want to play Black because of that. Too bad all new Pokémon look like shit.

    And good luck with getting a job.