Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some Thing to Blog About I Guess

 So I decided to watch some animu today I watched  because Ctp. awesome reminded me that an anime that I wanted to watch called Kyoran Kazoku Nikki which was on my watching note pad text file, then I was like ........
I have the backlog list were I have the other titles for anime and I mark them if I watched it mabe I should make a file to indicate that I have also completed the series. At first I streamed it then I was ok, the stream I found was to pixely so I downloaded it and I did the same with strike witches. Downloading is clearly better but I have no place to store them and I hate deleting stuff like this ya I'm a pack rat, also wow I downlaod torrents way faster to with this new modem on wireless before it takes a day for me to get a 24 ep anime and now it takes 4-6 hours also I have a lame download limit  it's 90 Gs now so I don't go crazy downloading and because my siblings stream anime and other stuff and, I tell them they can watch anime from the external hard drive my friend made me borrow so I can have QUALITY.
It didn't improve my performance with the MMO games(It's obvious the computer at fault) though I still can't play s4 leuage at home unless I use the desktop my siblings use(fuck that shit) so I only play it at my collage computers, at least I can now play dungeon fighter online properly with out kids whining you lag I still don't bother with pvp even with better connection I heard its too competitive I was never really an overly competitive guy even I did play good and, the main reason because my computer sucks I can't play my best even if I tried. I was thinking at one point to try other games but I didn't bother to find out if I need a mouse for LoL andVindictus. I also didn't get excited when I got starcraft because I didn't get mouse to play the game and I hate my touch pad it scrolls so slow and it gets hot at least my little brother played the shit out of it.

Example in touhou my fps starts at 60 then drops to 30 randomly and/or stays that way and fucks me up big time I was not able to 1cc I was close in 06 always die to remis spells and then aw shit you can't bomb her.I also got say Ican 1cc 07( I died at the yuyu last spell card not the surprise) and 08 for obvious reasons buurt I got the download with spoilers in that game and I don't feel like starting fresh but( also talk is cheep maybe I can't do it), i still don't understand why I hear 10 is easy is it because of broken marisa? Even with that cheat I ass handed to me on aya's last spell card.

I think this is the firs big eyed anime that caught my attention

OK I did chuckle at the 3 failed suicide attempts

You will never have a cat girl as a wife and making a family with a gay guy , a fffing talking lion, a robot, and a troubled girl.

This is what I had in mind what im planing to watch if its marked I have gave it a shot and if its completed I take it off.

 This Season

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?*
infinte stratos*
madoka magica*
level e
yumekui merry
haiyoru! nyaru-ani
Last Season

Shinryaku! Ika Musume*
star driver*
Tantei Opera Milky Holmes*
Old stuff

b gatta h k*
Shukufuku no Campanella*
strike witches*
shi ki
queens blade*
zettai karen children
arad senki*
setto no hayome*
leauge of ledgendary heroes
Kyoran Kazoku Nikki*
houkuto no ken


  1. That download limit sucks. I don't know what I would do if I had that.

  2. better find 2 teraG external to store all downloaded files, you don't need to delete em' anymore

  3. Ive had a bad comp and bad connection before and it drove me insane. I can't even imagine how you deal with it.

  4. Lucchini sure looks like she's taking that impromptu breast exam seriously.

    That's a decent sized list there, should take you a while to get through it.

  5. Wow...that's a long list. Good luck with that!

  6. Why are their panties always showing?

  7. Yes it along list but, I just watch what ever suits my mood. I set it up that way so I know what I want to watch and if I change my mind I drop it or backlog it.

    >Why are their panties always showing?
    I will answer it anyways, you can't go wrong with fan service.

  8. >I hate deleting stuff like this ya I'm a pack rat

    Same. Even if I've seen a whole series and didn't like it very much, I still want to keep it.

  9. I used to have a bad computer and it made me stick to playing Warcraft for so long. You'll need a mouse for LoL.

    MoF feels easier to me because of the bombing system. Reimu's homing shots are pretty powerful considering their homing speed too. There is also no stage 6 mid-boss which is nice.

    >You will never have a cat girl as a wife and making a family with a gay guy , a fffing talking lion, a robot, and a troubled girl.

    I can in my dreams.