Friday, March 18, 2011

Poll Results

Ok with the results that is on the poll, this group of players like their magic. Magic is pretty awesome especially with flashy effects and graphics but, playing with magic is never my first choice because most games make them high maintenance (some games also make magic so unbearable at the beginning) and they are also fragile but they do have the best area of effect skills.
I don't know if you got the implication of "attacking at a safe distance" so their is no interest in bow and arrows and guns. Every game kids jizz their pants for using guns and I always use to say whats the appeal? Most fantasy environments make guns powerless(unless they have giga cannons, lazers, gatling guns and rocket launchers) but kids still love em I asked a person once and they say "its because I can't use them in real life" well any person that isn't a nerd in the US can probably get guns(or join the military in any country) but they can't get magic.
Then we got the damage dealers if its single hit or DPS it still does damage right? Some times in a game its hard to come across some damage dealers maybe because they are pvp fagging or people make facts that what ever is greater(like magic) then the damage dealer.
The vanguard is the on I pick first most of the time if not the damage dealer can that that spot. At least the vanguard saves me digital coin for not putting effort into farming and barter trades and, some games they have the advantage of taking on stronger targets alone. The longer I play the game I may try the other classes(if the grind is not heavy that's a pretty vague description but I will say compared to the old maple story that was horrible) I think I never did the support class at all well I never get their job advancements or some thing like that. 
The obscure class is the games "special" class or some thing like that or as mentioned in the other the odd ball or shitty class. Some times I try the "special" class in other games but I don't last long playing the game or I lose interest.
The next poll I will make will be more straight forward I think well its about FPS,TPS.

What role do you partake in a RPG?


  1. Yeah, I'm personally more of a ranged player and like the flashy stuff magicians usually get.

    And yeah, I like picking classes that aren't overused either. So if there's a class that most people see as shitty, I'll probably give the class a try simply because nobody plays them.

    Also, thanks for reminding me. My memory is so horrible.

  2. My first characters are usually mages, I just like being a wizard. Or if the game allows it...a mahou shoujo.

  3. I usually go for the obscure class or the one that's made just for the game. It makes the experience feel fresh.

  4. no magic in the real world, so it will be nice to have it even in the game. i choose magic too!