Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Good the Bad and the Ugly Cont.

So this the continuation from the blog I made two days ago.
So at 18 the time when my all friends got jobs. When I was 18 that's my apathetic maximum  point I had less motivation to go to school  because, not good for sports, had no interest in females, best friends(durring school) and school friends were douche bags and, I hate going school in general even though I know its a home free zone( the term in tag safe spot) so I skipped classes more(to just sleep not for playing games only)  the legal way because I was 18 the principal also kind of stopped me from skipping some times. Plus I failed my literacy test twice with a 69% you need 70% to pass. The first time I was like dam ok theres next year, then the second fail I was like FFFFFFFFFFgojiprgiwjpgjepwgooqgpojewpog (also the test is not the same thing every year). As a Canadian that should be easy right? I speak and write English but, a language class study seams more complicated then any thing else(not as in learning how to speak and grammar, I mean that other crap like essays, reviews, and articles) I always say to myself "How to study English"I guess  reading stuff may help and writing but some topics just make you say why.

I'm just running my mouth here I'm talking about Canadian/American Standard for a normal kid :
Also when I was growing up I wasn't like the average(Canadian kid) either, from 7-12 I had no cable(at least  I had some channels like 6) so I just watched kiddie shows(close to preschool cartoons) like (Artur, George Shrinks,Magic School Bus, Art attack, Pengu, Mighty Machines they were pretty awesome shows but thats all I can remember that I really liked) and adult comedies. I got computer with internet(for 6 months before cable) when I was 12 (thats when I learned to fix my OS and configure it with BIOS because I had the disk., and install the internet and know if i'm missing a driver and, all other crap but I can't explain it properly because I didn't know the terms back then) I didn't even get allowance so if want money I steal it  from my parents to get games( and they don't buy me games, my older brother buys me some), I was too weak( speed, strength, stamina) to steal from others( well I didn't bother to do it even when I magically got stronger, I also like to take it easy so I don't want trouble, the computer also made me content). 16 was the time I got back my internet.

Only the GBA and Leaf Green and, Mario World I got the good way.
Since hand held games were cheaper then console games(I have N64,Dreamcast I got some used games for them too well not on Dreamcast"ya I got Dreamcast instead of PS2") I aimed for that I even check if there is used games. Wario Land 4 was too short so I got disappointed by that and, MMB4 was the crappiest battle network game from all of them even though I played the shit out of it and got 1337 status( well for the ones I played on the real thing, for the roms I got lazy with and didn't do every thing).

At least I got away with the Diploma but with a shitty average but I went back to high school again at 19(when the economy was getting retarded) just so I won't be a NEET, it was FFFing boring and I didn't get a job still. Apparently there was a presentation about the Apprenticeship program so I was like cool I can get a job and get paid, I kind of for got about so I registered, late and got in for chef you don't get paid for it ...
But when I was going for my placement and I could not find it in the Woodbine Center. The desk guy tried for me no luck, I tried to email and call my mentor, were I messed up I didn't tell my high school about it and I dropped from it thats when I became NEET. I even found sources were I can get some help were to find a job and improve my resume I talk about that tommorow.

Durring summer my hipster friend said I should apply to Sobeys(were he use to work). I got a prank call from that place and, I was playing a game during that time so I was like errr, Her voice sounded like a flirt voice and I didn't ask for the name. I went to the scheduled time(with business causal wear) and I found a manager and hes like I have no appointment and were did you get this information from and he asked for a rsume I didn't have any on me that time I raged hard.
Then my hipster friend got me an interview with the sobeys he works at the manager hired me, he gave me my trainning then after that no job?I was calling for him all week no job I was trolled by the manager.

Well I kind messed up now again but i'm catching up with my classes I failed now present I was NEET for 4 months was going to the gym 1-2 times every 1-2 weeks though i'm ripped or any thing but I got better stamina now.

End of story omega as fuck, jaded as fuck, fresh out of Compton.


  1. I really like your mini game collection even though you don't have many. ;_;

    >I was trolled by the manager.

    Wow, I don't know what to say. It sucks about your job situation, hopefully things will get better soon.

  2. That was really interesting to read of your experiences.

    >Then my hipster friend got me an interview with the sobeys he works at the manager hired me, he gave me my training then after that no job?

    That sucks! That's good you're doing something with your time at least. Best of luck with everything, bro.

  3. >Plus I failed my literacy test twice with a 69% you need 70% to pass.
    Wow man, that sucks.

    That manager, what a troll. Hope things start looking up more for you!

  4. >I guess reading stuff may help and writing but some topics just make you say why.

    I never really studied English seriously. If you read stuff a lot, or even play story-heavy games a lot, your literacy will probably go up. At least, it did for me.

    And what kind of manager is that? The fuck?

  5. I skipped a lot of my high school classes too. The game I was playing was the infamous drug called World of Warcraft.

    >I was trolled by the manager.

    Is that even legal? I mean, it was paid training right? Regardless, Sobeys sounds like they have horrible managers.

  6. i couldn't found anyone who say "wow, i like going to school everyday, i like to be in the class room and study all subjects"

    but i'm shocked to hear that you don't have any interest on females. so which one that you interest?

  7. Well I do like females but, I don't like hearing them talk or, like talking to them most of the time.