Monday, June 20, 2011

Serious Bussiness

I ddin't go on the computer much last week and if I did nothing much to say yet but, I'm going to contact the job ministry and see what I can get because I got paid for two weeks for 35 hours( told my about it when I got paid last week Wednesday then got a cheque on Friday) for the beginning of this month and they made me work for more hours so I worked 42 hours( now that I checked I still sleeping problems maybe I'm not tired or my mind is on this issue) that period and the job developer says they have to pay me for the extra hours and talking to the manager and chef is pointless. Well if I quit that time went I felt like shit it would kill me inside because a scrouge like me does't like losing money for what ever reason
(I didn't buy any thing for Father's day, he bought up the subject too and he is ever pleased with the stuff most of the time)I'm not stingy but I didn't have much cash to spend for a long time.

I got a Nintendo DS two days ago Checked a couple of found about the price online  then went various places Wal- Mart doesn't sell the DS lite any more and they only got that large abomination that can't play GBA and its expensive too, so I got Pokemon black there not because white is popular it's always like that when I get Pokemon. Anyways
> go to EB Gamestop
>found a used black DS
> counter guy asks me if I want warranty
>got the golden sun game because it was there
Warranty on a DS? Why would I need that it would be more useful for computer parts and a flat screen that dam thing had problems twice.

So far pokemon is ok I though new battle a triple battle I was about come on Nintendo but,  it looks like a Pokemon battle were you can use 12 Pokemon moves and make tanks stand out. Played the game in set style with out that switch option to make the game easy. I decided to take the superior route well because fire/fighting is getting old and that water guy is lamer then trecko(I didn't like it that much and the 3rd stage ruined it) and every time I use a grass starter I always say in my head that ain't bulbasaur but I'm turtwig would have changed my mind but, I skipped that gen going to play it eventually when I get that flash card.

When I was playing it didn't go smoothly from the first gym to the forth the bug guy didn't have the big bugs to stop me(the guy says go to the dream court I ignored got my ass handed then got a water monkey and win because of it). Took me awhile to assemble my party so I got a serperior,crustle,klinklang and, scolipede just about to reach the Pokemon league by the time I'm 3/4 will be 50 that's all I need I hope and TMs are no longer disposable mind=blown.

A gift I found from anonymous some moe art guide book but, its in Japanese the instructions will make stuff more clear but the images are enough for me.

Moe Character no Kakikata Kao Karada hen


  1. Good luck to both of us in the work department.

    Thanks for the artbook links.

  2. I hope things go better for you.

  3. I would've suggested getting the XL because I hate looking at a tiny little screen whenever I play my DS Lite.

  4. It's always like what when you get Pokemon? xDDD

  5. I have the DS lite, I've played a few GBA games on it and the colours are more vibrant, compared to playing them on a GBA.

  6. The new pokemon games will always be okay, because they're all more or less the same game with graphical updates and a new roster of monsters.

  7. had the GBA and DS, now waiting for Wii U.

  8. >Save for 3DS.
    Woah there dude I can't keep with the times.

    >The new pokemon games will always be okay, because they're all more or less the same game with graphical updates and a new roster of monsters.

    I just found out you can only find some trainers to battle daily, thats a big minus for me but, the new graphics and animations were nice.