Thursday, January 20, 2011

Otaku culture

Ya last blog was about a form of generalization on /a/, so im going to make a cool story today. I was generalized as nerd from school rank BS(i'm not mad, I just go with the flow) but, the terms have become vague i'm sure nerd is the guy that cares about school and aim for scholarship tier marks, geek is the person with non productive/obscure interests.I used to hangout with these types the jock, hipster, stoner, wanta be ganster, geek, I don't think I have befriend a nerd. I don't even get along with "new generation geeks"( I remember geeks were portrayed with zealous imagination,  introverted, that can't get along with people, socially awkward, physically weak, doesn't do physical activities, uncoordinated and, ugly as a bonus) even if they like video games/ anime plus the geeks are very social, my geek/hipster friend says i'm boring thats why they drop me or don't talk to me as an online buddy ,even some geeks  I meet in person from school they don't talk to me so I think they don't like me. I'm more of a hermit though because, I learned to be introverted > I will explain more about the cool story tomorrow.

I will blog about something jaypee like related talking about anime that have hikikomori people like Rosen Maiden, Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, Welcome to the N.H.K and otakus, from the ones im show caseing
Gintama, The World God Only Knows, Genshiken, Kuragehime, No More Heroes a video game about an otaku.

Top left to right cross dresser, a guy with a suit,  rapper, elderly admirer
jelly fish girl, train girl, doll person, klara

Kuragehime would portray most of the guys in the anonymous image board, its like a cinderella story with  with otaku girls.
The main character is a jellyfish otaku who draws nice and colorful images of jellyfish.
Main cast has A train otaku that owns a train set and has food on her mind too. A doll colector and she can deaftly make a kimono. A otaku about a series of anime/manga and apperently she did rap once I lol'ed. A person with a old man fetish obesetion/lust she draws nice looking old men too. A hikikomori she never leaves her room. A cross dressing pretty boy and, hipster/fasion rich guy.
They all work together for a doushinji, inb4 because they're oriental(I never liked the term Asian because we know they're not talking about russia, india, middle east but, it seems rude to the other asains) they have natural talent, their socity revolves around team work effecent with any thing even thier gaming community and art groups are supportive but, japan has more of the think inside the box mentality refering to the saying "if a nail sticks out  hit it harder".

He smokes but I don't not because its bad for your health but, I can't afford it so I never plan on smoking, also smokers say it makes them relax same goes for stoners.

Welcome to the N.H.K is about a man that is a hikikomori breaking the habit and trying to fix himself.It's some thing I can relate to I had a similar experience  presently, when I was a preteen I didn't
I would come out like this plus my luck with jobs is horrible, and my grades just get worse(it's not like I had such a great GPA to begin with) because I don't try to study other things have also killed my motivation. Some people may say N.H.K is funny others depressing.
Hikikomori is like a load of mental disorders, like deep depression, self destructive, savage, afraid of  direct social interaction, shut in, extremely paranoid, delusional, escapist, pessimistic.

Genshiken I didn't watch this anime yet but its about a group of otakus.

No idea why it came out sideways.

The madao and the hobo.

Gintama is a good comedy show that came from japan it literaly gives me tears from laughter, even the action is well planed thats my opinion.
Like there is a parody on monster hunter/mmo that was pretty good even though I never played monster hunter I only watch my friends play.
The main cast is a samurai that is a slacker with talent, who is a jack of all trades and works to breakeven but fails to make it and he has a caring landlord, some human like girl allien with superhuman geans and, an Idol otaku that looks like a boring generic character he kind of is like that and, hes a spoil sport.
A suporting character I would like to add the madao( translaters put in as good for noting)
This guy gets jobs then fucks up or quits a job for a lame ecsuse, his wife also left him because of his finacial problem so hes a lonely man.

Yeeah baby

The World God Only Knows is about a galgae/gamer that got cursed into talking to real girls you expect that this is a loser failing but no hes a suave motherfucker/badass, he anyales the girl and uses the proper behaviour to get thier attention.

He has an anime shirt under his leather jacket.

Is about a dude that lost his family trying to make a living of killing people, and fails to get the girl. What makes him otaku is the way he has his room with a collection of strange stuff and, a fan of game that resembles touhou.

Otaku/madao/NEET is rock bottom in japanese society, for my culture it's only hobos thats rock bottom  or, a kissless virgin MAN but,  the geek culture is a mainstream thing in North America.
Some of the labels have other words connected about otaku culture, also to give others a bit of an understanding of "that feel" .


  1. No More Heroes is fun stuff! I don't consider myself an otaku but I definitely liked most of the series you posted up.

    It kind of sucks how geek/nerd/gamer culture is becoming more and more mainstream, but I guess I'm pretty cool with it. Better than being an otaku (in Japan) I suppose.

  2. It pisses me off how in some social circles being a geek is 'hip'.

    NHK is my favorite series. It changed my life. I haven't watched the Genshiken adaptation yet, but I read the manga a month ago and thoroughly enjoyed it!

    I need to add Gintama to the backlog..

  3. I now associate "geeks" with hipsters. Fucking good-for-nothings. Back in high school, I fit in neither with the geeks or nerds.

    >Otaku/madao/NEET is rock bottom in japanese societ, for my culture it's only hobos thats rock bottom

    B-but NEETs are hobos on borrowed time.

  4. >new generation geeks

    Someone of jaypee posted a documentary about otaku culture. One of the people being interviewed said that otakus are very social and he doesn't believe any of them are shut-ins. Needless to say, I was mad. Another person being interviewed was also a furry.