Thursday, June 30, 2011

Aw Shit

I got some thing out of the problem, got some cash and I didn't have to continue working(I know that singing that paper say they can't stop giving me work) that document unintentionally conjure a squall it could be a shitstorm if I was talking but I didn't say much and, the manager says she doesn't want me there any more, so be it. Also I got a call from the government about the delima when I was typing this sounds like they are going to start working it so now I can sit and wait and see if I get more money.

So I got the DSTT the latest R4 as they said in one of shops from the Chinese mall. It was quite a distance but I know I was able to get it there for sure because the otaku lost his source of information. So before I found the shop that sells games I was walking around for 2 laps in each corner I didn't go everywhere and I did find a tablet, I wasn't able to find it in the other computer stores near me.

So I have found all the compatible parts and which place I can order computer parts but I can't because I lack a credit card that's why I don't bother thinking about online purchases but, that is the best place to find what I'm looking for. Since my home has shitty resources and my mom is paranoid about online purchases I'm using PayPal mang I'm not using it directly and, my incompetence from not having/sustaining a job to get a credit card never though about getting one any ways. So I decided to ask other people I tried my older sister she told ask for my moms credit card( I didn't ask my mom first because I already know her card is a mess) and my otaku friend is recovcering from Anime North I wonder if that's the same case for the hipster I didn't ask him yet but, I will ask my sister again even though my mom says to leave her alone.


  1. I'm pretty sure you can use a debit card in place of a credit card. Although, I don't know how they do things where you live.

  2. looks like a crappy situation. BTW, I asked my sister for her debit card once. Never again did she lend it to me ;_;

  3. Agreeing with the debit card comments - I wouldn't trust myself with a credit card but I can use the debit one on any site I've tried.