Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fuck Ya Line up

Fuck ya Joey remember when Yu-gi-oh was good? No I'm kidding but I'm a nostalgia fag for Yu-gi-oh with dem shiny millennium items dat with sound effect and, dat Pegasus. Anyways other stuff fun to watch and my raise your spirits.( holy crap took Fing 3 months because, lazy and still have internet)[edit] more then 6 months its like forgot about it[edit]

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki
Taking place in Japan there is some special agent dude that hunts supernatural beings and all off a sudden he gets a ridiculous mission to save the world by being the father for the children from some demon. He didn't like it at all from the start but he grows a custom to it as the series goes by, with all them crazy adventures, drama, action, and some fanservice.

Taking place in America around the time with steam trains and the famous train robbery, also a tweest and the most of the characters are basically the main character with the entwined events nobody losses in a sense. This anime will make any normalfag enjoy most of the time and the dubs are good even though I watched in subs till the OVA. Evey one jizzes their pants for the legend that is called the rail tracer for some reason.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (killer lolies anime)
Taking place in Japan a boy moves in from the city to live in a village were he lived previously. He meet a bunch of girls form various ages because they are all in one classroom during school. At first I though he was the main character and it looks like he has a harem(with out the harem hijinks) and, the OVAs have fanservice. The plot is divided into pieces were different events trigger well most of them all end up with someone dead, the second season made some things clear and the main character is revealed. I haven't heard much from the visual novel people but, they will probably say its better and there is dat art style all in all the anime was entertaining.

Also DEEN faces. 
Also the dubs are bad your hearing from me a guy that doesn't care subs that much. 

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin
 Taking place in the school that is all about paranormal events in Japan. Oh so the PLOT starts out with a man that fell out from the sky you don't see this everyday. His mission is to save the end of world but some trash tier guy shoved in a time machine.Sad that the bad ass mechanic and the fat guy didn't have much screen time because some of the characters were cool but when its about this anime its always that girl(image below). > I watch occult academy foe the PLOT

Gundam 00
 I liked this Gundam more but I haven't watch many of so and most complain about the second season I don't remember what I though negative either but when it started it felt boring to me kind of. Well my otaku friend recommended it to me I was skeptical at first because I wasn't a fan of SEED it was maybe too deep for me but I did watch it when it was on T.V I have to say my tastes haven't changed at all(well its very flexible) during the years the Gundam designs are always cool though I forget their names too I only strike freedom.
So ya there is organization some "mad" scientist made called celestial  being that watch over space wars and earth basically chosen Gundam people or special Ops and the second season there was a tweest with other innovators controlling vega and doing stuff with out vega. There is also a side story which for the manga.


  1. Yeah man, I was down with the Yu-gi-oh all those years ago too.

    Nice summaries, sankyu. I love Higurashi. I downloaded Occult Academy when it aired but I've still yet to watch it.


  2. this openings sound really good