Thursday, July 7, 2011

2 Weeks

I don't know man when I see some thing I'm not use with I become illiterate or some thing because, all I use to see is options for credit. Anyways I found one of the computer shops with the parts I'm looking for it was yet again not in Toronto so I went a distance away, also that place had a bunch of Chinese and Vietnamese stores around. Before I was going to the store I ask my mom to drive me there ya I do shit like that even if I know I will get a bad answer just because I didn't keep the place clean for a day that's why I hate asking for favors because I can do it myself but, I ask so I can try and get the objective done faster sometimes it gets worse it's not even a pride thing either that's just me if I have accepted some favor then its something I was going to do but I didn't.

I got the parts that I need but, the guy said they don't have the mother board and the case available foiled again so I have two weeks because they are getting from British Columbia and, I should get speakers and a dvd drive before I have every thing other wise more walks. So that was 510 right there well it was 460 but tax jacks it up. That falcon guide gave me some facts.
Also I had some random conversation with the gamer otaku guy and he showed me a link about a guy selling a PS3 for 200 I contacted him for two days and he said he was busy... maybe I can get it today Oh look at that competition .. just noticed that now if I lose no big deal I was going to get it because I was improvising that price mang.


  1. At least you're on your way to gaming master race. By this, I mean the consoles and PC.

  2. I could never build my own computer.

  3. >At least you're on your way to gaming master race.


  4. Haha great! Followed!