Thursday, July 21, 2011

Carrier Has Arrived

Some music for the heck of it one of the games I love playing, not going to make a paragraph or two about this.

I took a trip to get the remainder yesterday now reminiscing, the first trip my bag was stuffed well if I gotten it all in one I was going to use some of those disposable bags hold on but, every time I take that bus route its always packed going back home so that will be troublesome and the box for the case was big so I did carry every thing I would appear to be one of those awkward clumsy geek that over packs himself(that kind of character you see in cartoons/anime or movies).

The process of assembling the computer was frustrating with the heat I usually never have problems with the heat but I guess one reason is because I have some hair on my head (that feel when you can afford to go the barber but waste it on food to gorge on) and, this summer is really hot its not common for me to soak in sweat drinking fluids makes my body behave like filter( drink water, sweat a coat after a minute). Then there is bug bites one or two from ants they appear in my room during summer at least they are not all over the place and, the rest from mosquitoes I don't know were they come from each day I kill about one or two and its durring the night when the fiasco starts. Now back on topic

I did laze enough to make the process 3.5 hours the parts all have some manual so even if you don't know what to do it will helpas long as the parts you assemble is comparable like example the CPU pins for the motherboard. I did skim through the manual to find out any thing else about the object and my mind was blown they have some case like thing for the laptop hard drives so I can install it also in side of the case were you install optional devices was sharp so I got a cut the kind you don't notice till you see it lucky I found out fast enough so no stains. With or with out the case for the 2.5 SATA I would still salvage the data I had on it also I had to borrow one of the SATA cables from the other computer because I only have two( I didn't bother trying to clear the other 3 hard drives format not salvage. At first I didn't think I can fit it all( that's why I wanted to get some crappy computer first but I spiked that) but it can work, well the wires will become more stuffy.So I have a lot of space to actually download all the anime that's going to be 300-500G right there then the games about 100G, 100G on Illusion games and, I'm going to stuff all images/ manga etc in one of the hard disks.
I forgot to add this but I have that download limit another funny thing the bill says it's over cap so the bill raises and I wasn't on that computer much to download much and I left of the last two eps of Soul Eater so lucky me I found some ad hanging around when I was outside they have a better lime and there is an unlimited download service I wonder how it goes.

Time for this buccaneer to get a new hat. Yes I did watch this show when it was airing and I liked it also you will never be able to bust a move like Spoticus while eating sports candy everyday sadfrog.jpg

You know the rest.Dat beige it also doesn't match the black, chrome and, grey. Ya I'm broke now and it wasn't the computer that made me broke either the other stuff I got for the computer (I had to every thing from scratch minus power cable) also my 40ft internet wan't long enough so I had to move the desk from the spot I desire. Yes of course parents are talking shit saying a computer is not important and, that's the last thing I should buy I did wait a month and a half before deciding when I'm buying it and, I would not be broke (presently if I quit) and  if I had a normal job  I would be still working if there was no error( but this heat may kill me its a kitchen).
The screen has the wide screen resolution but it looks boxy or maybe its my eyes I don't feel like using the flat screen for the other computer also the text is different size to me now and I don't want to go back to that resolution I had.I also do not want Vista my otaku friend says he lost it some were...

So I'm back pretty much moar line ups, animated gif scenes, silly images, super cool stories, all that's left for the MMO story is DFO and maybe say some thing about the games I play recently  and , /a/ /jp/ stuff.


  1. Glad you built it well, seems good.
    I like that chen wall

  2. Building a computer in the heat doesn't sound fun, but at least it's all working. It's actually pretty hard to break parts unless you start trying to force them in strange places.

  3. >Yes I did watch this show when it was airing and I liked it

    I liked it as well. And the songs were pretty good.

    >you will never be able to bust a move like Spoticus while eating sports candy everyday sadfrog.jpg