Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No Backgrounds Inspired By Kubo+ Blog Post

Trying to make the page load faster again so I may remove some stuff or something and, anonymous can post too now. inb4trolls

I'm feeling lazy to write(the topics that I continue typing about)and, trying to get back some routine like I gotta fix my room it's a little cluttered now it also game me a stuffy nose and, yet again I am nocturnal though I kind of miss the days when I go outside just to find stuff and buy or get some thing I like to eat because I have a fatal flaw my pseudo health I take healthy things over every thing but I starve myself by eating a meal a day.

Let me rephrase this, until I have eaten some thing satisfying for example a person can say a single apple counts as breakfast but that's not enough, I still eat some candy,etc(candy, pasty,etc is for kids and women, not for manly men fuck your shit) and once in a while some fast food. I am also a picky eater  not the delectable palate kind but the kind were you get bored of having the same thing regularly and another strange thing I would devour some thing I crave eating like lazania or a whole baked/roasted chicken. I think I got the picky eater habit from my parents though they always go "the food I make(Caribbean food) is superior and it makes you healthy like that green banana and, salted cod, goat head soup, fish head soup( their soup is a potion) but I do really like brown rice and peas with oxtail( its not a lot of meat though like it lacks substance compared to other meats) jerk chicken and roti. I think thyme is the main spice that gives Caribbean food its distinct flavor because they toss a hand full of it in there and, when I use green onions it all of a sudden it tastes oriental.

Other stuff that happened downloaded tatami galaxy, C, shiki and, yakitate japan. Also watching other stuff again well I didn't list because it was on the harddrive I borrowed and I took some out so watching durrr and highschool of the dead and,last but not least saki that a while ago and almost at the end.

Didn't get much games yet either I was just checking the MMOs tried that dragons nest I didn't much in yet and, I'm going to try rusty hearts today it looks like a DFO so I may like it. Playing that Starcraft 2 trying to get a use with the units for all races, played some Microvolts and S4 my group now doesn't play it much and my hipster friend doesn't tell me when hes playing  and he uses some sub account to play with scrubs and I think to farm points. Mad because I can't play DFO my OS is the only thing that may be the problem and friend group still plays that( they complain I lag too much so I ruin the game now I have the chance to dominate) though I still not so keen on wanting to enhance my equipments so I can stand a chance with the pvp channels I'm going to be disappointed with the results, so I'm the scrub that plays pvp only with friends in that game. Dropped Elsword because I can use 4 skills at a time the reason why I like Grandchase because of the variety. Going to try that LoL next week or so and, trying to find other games like that amnesia I always find it without the code...


  1. I enjoy variety in my food as well. Sadly, that's a luxury that I don't have a lot of the time.

  2. I get sick of eating the same food over and over