Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I was kind of lazy but for real I was depressed, hearing shit from father " you can't hold a job" " people younger then you are working and live by them self and came from the Caribbean" I will add it any ways from my older brother"you speak English and you can read" and shit about why you buy a computer and other provoking shit that's why in the first place I didn't quit the job(also computer). Then mother telling me to be self conscious because I don't have a job I have contemplated that shit since 16[edit] actually I had a fear of being an adult and its still the same kinder garden/elementary school shit(being the sore thumb)[edit] and not going to school and, comparing me to others when I look bad( vise versa they say who cares example at least I didn't do that) also I'm not a competitive guy so by default(or you can call it loser mentality, I was going to say I don't have a competitive edge but that would be a lame excuse) I lose so that's were I get my courage(anyways you can win or lose so whats the big deal). I think I will sign up for a military  job ...  was never normal and I can escape the place I live because I actually hate it doing shit for a set time and then called retard because I don't it how they like it(unlimited autism. I am not implying it will be any better but it can get me some thing or you can say it will build character because I have none always in the void.
All I did as usually watch anime play games  I did some other stuff but not much of it.
>play DFO
> find out one of my accounts got hacked
> heare its a real hacker that got multiple clients
> GG Nexon
I never played much of anyways before I found out(that doesn't stop from playing either) all they too0k was the avatar they didn't do anything else.

>Rusty hearts
>got to lv 3 as the duke guy
> mess up with the quest all of a sudden grinding

>S4 league
> new GUI
> game rooms are no longer interactive(no more chat fags and pro circle jerks)
> new GUI doen't show who/whom is in the game so you can't tell if the team is stacked
>The servers divided into more channels so it fills up quickly
>the game still has hackers ... GG
> new mode called siege its like capture the flag and king of the hill

> wall glitching ...
>Tried hat fortress 2 once don't know what I'm doing against bots

>Dragons nest
> friend group was playing but I didn't bother to join and most of the time they made a full party
> reached lv 8

I didn't do much for starcraft yet
>tired some ranked games and lost
> tried ranked team the your partner is shutter then you
> figured out how many workers I need per base and can make a colossus in 5 mins( I like void rays better)
> still get screwed over by very hard computer
> some times I get the upper hand with a familiar map

League of Rage wow this game has so many shit talkers and pseudo hotshots I can't wait till I play with pros well I kind of did. Like I said once in a while I would engage shit talking mode(S/M pleasure) I don't care if I win or lose the game or losing to shit talking but if the team is uncoordinated or the teams have a bad match up like the game I played with a blogger mord, plank, and that reaper mage(I can't remember how to spell his name) that has an ult that hits hits you for just existing well I'm not experienced any ways so I don't what he was thinking.I once said in a shit parade I played the game with AI till level ten and then say wins are shit for a lv 17 mfw it doesn't matter its all about elo I didn't bother saying that and you can gain more wins when you cap.
Then there is the people that complain about ks its team game and, it counts you as assist. Ok it may suck to prevent you from LEGENDARY its not like it gives you better IP and exp not that I can notice(I guess its for bragging faggotry) all that matter to me is breaking that nexus also it depends on my role then I may target players( most they all gather so I can't em alone). All so lv 30 making new accounts I don't get appeal in that trying to show off in front of scrubs skill level disregarded in my book.
My face expecting a shit tossed at me because most of the time it is. Team lost other team always GG losing rage and uses personal attacks implying superiority. Also shit talking is the common trait of the Negro/Niggers(extroverted delinquents apparently majority of them are black) the ones that leaks out pure shit always hide in groups also I actually an impulse to troll(raging neck beards and 12 year olds actually just any thing that is trollable).

Tired that monster quest game I don't like that false god for killing me two times... tried G senjou so far it is interesting. Watched and downloaded a bunch of anime like dat tiger and bunny I'm really liking it.
The guy owned him self when Blue Rose said his identity is hidden I was like aaaaaaaa, then poison cup with Mavrick and the main guy cream, badge, phone I loled. All slo that wanted photo I like when they twist the good in some thing sinister or retarded( Loyd). I may drop stuff from this season not sure yet and, getting all that stuff faggots praise like bebop(I watched it dubed it has both atleast).

And at the end of the day before I sleep or stop playing games.


  1. Sorry to hear about the mean stuff your dad says ): Sounds rough.

  2. >League of Rage

    It doesn't get better when you're lv 30 or in higher ELO. It's only fun when you're playing with friends.

  3. >I didn't do much for starcraft yet
    As fun as Starcraft is, you have to lose a lot before you'll get any good at it.

    > I don't care if I win or lose the game or losing to shit talking

    I have a bad habit of throwing away all proper play just to mess with a shittalker. It can be pretty satisfying.