Sunday, September 18, 2011

Holy ****

I though shit was bad already it's so bad I made a makeshift censor. About two weeks ago my mom lost her job from some incident because bad communication with some co worker to cause an accident. So that means more orders and no peace almost every hour, also doing typing shit pisses me off and she always asking questions to confirm some thing.
Ya and I was planning my escape with that military thing. I always dislike writing documents because of no avail(thanks a lot job apps) and these documents require lots of information I didn't complete the form yet even though I looked at the form last month and, it requires me to get my HS transcript witch I have lost and I don't want to go back there even though I can always walk(25-40 min walk to get there). There was a thing about the references need, they say want people that knows me. They gave an example 5 years because its the military I am sure they are serious about it the best I got is 2-3 people and they want 5 with not being family. The physical training part wouldn't bother me much because I some times do functional training. I also learned more from /fit/ and after I found out what the names are called for both functional and resistance training. When I found a book about functional training techniques because I didn't know much about it that is why I don't do it every day but maybe I will eventually.

Near the end of last month I have gotten an acceptance letter from a trade school( I thought I failed the entrance test thing and I only went to one trade school) well I did a quick review before doing the entrance test for school this time from this Buuut I think will have a problem with the pay part apparently when I saw the price I said in my mind oh shit with poker face. Well the job place is going to sign some grant but she says it for 5K and the place I found an electrician training cost more so she is suggesting I find another place ...

When I saw this scene I raged hard well from the start that fat guy wasn't good I'm sure there is going to be a lot more of this. I will probably make some anime screen cap blog again and, I had a line up post long ago missing two paragraphs.
So I finally did some thing my computer can handle I got lazy doing it right away because I was trying to find a good version, then there is the iso hunt. Other then that it runs fine some time there is a little frame rate sink I didn't bother trying to find a solution for that. Gonna see Adachi in action well I lost at the boss in the castle dam hard mode feels harder then the last game even though you can control the other characters.

.Yet again I can still a lot about this game well when I play its for 6-10 hours. Yes from what I was told playing with friends would be nice but doesn't want to play it and the guys I know probably won't play ironically my brother played the game maybe he stopped playing because cho gath isn't free any more because that is all he can use.
I started bumping into less retarded players now maybe because the majority of the kids are at school and the then when I got Janna( getting supports and tanks because not many people do it everyone is glass cannon carry) I started to win 7 games in a row(shit doesn't happen when I play this game) so far Janna is like auto gg and its pretty funny when I don't expect the tornado hit/kill a champion, and that speed I don't have to waste money on boots right away. All so 7 levels away from the cap never did that in a MMO well before I start a ranked game I want two full rune pages to be prepared. Though being a tank doesn't help if the team is bad then they blame me for being a bad tank( its hard making gold as Taric also he is more offensive now I don't that will make it better for me), I engage in combat team doesn't follow up die. Usually people say don't aim for the tank but I always get the full force and even worse if they don't hide/follow around me in the jungle. Maybe the other team had wards I usually tab every time I pause if I spot a ward I give a warring, another thing I can't tell if some guy says baron gives us away because it always happens I'm always on guard for it though.

I also did this on the tablet most of the stuff I was trying to get use to is an image of the face the whole body I'm getting there.


  1. Playing support in low levels is usually an instant win. I played Sona from 25 to 30 and won almost every game. Janna's a good champion to learn. She's one of the best supports in the game right now.

  2. Good job on the acceptance letter!! :)

  3. You must be pretty fit if you're considering something military.

    >Match me with retards

    So true.

  4. >Unfortunately, you didn't have enough Courage to say that.

    yep, so true

    >Match me with retards/people confirmed for downs/dumbasses in general

    erryone on LoL (even me)