Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why So Lazy

I wonder if morning rescue can give me a boost. Didn't do much yet again and I don't feel blogging about any thing even though I'm not out of thought. So I will just post some QUALITY images because all I did was sleep, watch anime and played some games.

I didn't think an anime about bread would have so much reaction images well because Japan.
What would you think if she has gotten slaughtered into a bloody mess temperately?
Psycho emo shonen, when /a/ was trolling with such little replies(even the thread it self was limited all the trolls say its shonen shit) makes me think this would be good.
Steins gate killed the moe well most of the stuff I have seen this year have people die when they are killed especially kawai anime girls..
Seriously? Looks like the subbers got me.
The spoilers didn't really bother me unless I didn't find all the spoilers. Oh I also had that tank engine theme go on in my head during the scene. 
I only started to watch anime by the season two years ago and have to say spring 2011 is the best season. For this season I would check out Usagi dropped, penguin, NEET detective, Mayo chiki for fan service, Idolmaster, and Yuru Yuri and, Sacred Seven.