Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why Not

So I have found myself a job again. Here is the catch the hiring manager will hire anyone(yes he said anyone) and his target is teens to young adults, the job is commission  based of sales and not just plain work. If your good at making people accept using a machine to make holes in their lawn and haggling(not like overboard) then your set for spring/summer if not its going to be shit.Yet again I find a job near summer I always wonder how can I manage during winter. So far I did terrible on the job(is to be expected) walking around with that machine and, the best I can do is make one sale I'm going to try and at least stay around for ten days.I don't have problems talking with people the problem is just talking at least I found other hints for electrical companies.

I think I may come close to find some thing about an apprenticeship they said all I have to do is find a person that will take me on and register me with the job agency no need to pay for any thing and all you need is highschool diploma. Ya it so easy but I have not found anything yet there is some job fair for apprentices next week I'm going to check it out.

Eh that's all for now.

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