Friday, March 30, 2012

In Before Minus Elo

Dedicated LoL post so there can be more space for other stuff the next time I write up. So apparently other guys from my main skype group decided to play, well two other guys not all of them and they got addicted because at first they said the game is lame. They wont play alone much and only with a group plus other guys they know so I got another 5 player game with no retards and,  the best positions to take if you have 3-2 randoms is jungle, top, or mid other wise GG.
I got a head set last month and started playing with microphones its pretty funny that we sometimes have bad team co-ordination well the two guys are not level 30 yet but, they have an idea what to do if they are not dead all the time.
Ya I'm prepared for ranked games next month and I got two more champs to go because I make IP really fast(if I play I thinks its for 6-8 hours in comparison to 2-4) now not because easy wins because a quarter of the time is troll games and then there is the all tanks games and we win( I always say tanks too gud or tanks stronk) never gets old so what I have heard its viable.

So I faggot out from buying a vayne to buy sona and corki, I really like corki hes fun and an ez mode ezreal because corki got better auto attacks and endurance. I can play support but baby first is not so easy for me I can't do a flash crescendo at an angle because I'm too slow and I have a hard to time to get away compared to soraka and janna. The remaining two champs I will buy is morgana and urgot hes got the utility for mid, top,  and could be a ranged carry. Ya I may not like morgana much because I was bad with her but I was not being srs( all u have to do is land q) and now I why she gets banned tanky and scrubs cant deal with her, plus hour glass ult just like kennen thats garbage.

So many runes so little rune pages ya the default two pages. So the positions I'm going to aim for is support, carry, or mid. I'm fine with support as long as the carry farms and doesn't go balls deep we good. Some how I didn't lose a lane as anivia me surprised. With that all going on I'm going to try and get ranked with 10 games not all at once though.


  1. You are lucky you can play lol with friends using skype, my friend always lag when using skype, so we don't do it often.

  2. Why is it that randoms always result in a game loss? Although my premade isn't much better I suppose, but we communicate over ventrilo which makes it easier.

    Even though I've been level 30 for quite awhile I can't bring myself to play ranked games.