Sunday, August 12, 2012

Was I busy?

 No not really with in the last time I wrote some thing here. Got lazy with league and starting trolling my friends and playing soft(I dont give a shit if my team is bad or they can take a role they didn't learn to use, that's the exception of friends right? Or one guy I know will say I will play with my better friends) started to play less too. Too much anime/games/circle jerk no manga( well never manga) never played a VN since February still didn't finish that sharin or kira kira never bother to get little busters, to work rage quit with monster quest 2 and I have right there( save continue wont work even though I follow instructions) no blogging what is formspring, I have achieved greater archives of 2 TB thinking of 1 TB a year is too suspicious.

Most of the time I want to play that PS3(cant because I don't have a TV screen) that has games tales of graces F( trying to get all what I need in the normal gmae before I continue the extra mode) , disgaea 4, dark souls, white knight cronicels ( I was told I got the inferior version). I had no problems enjoying the games so far. Did the story line of graces at the 2nd month of the game release the most recent game I got is late according to my friends standards. Then trying to get through disgaea 4(desco OP, inuyasha OP to a certain extent) because that's the 2nd game i got then even eventually I will play dark souls seriously and white knight.

 Having done any other thing like learning how to use that tablet better but I think starting with a large image first will help( never did that yet though). So I have started my carpenter training and I have one more week left to lazy to put a 'do you even lift.jpeg' so working with the skill trades is competitive eh I think I will still try electricain after 2-3 years with improving my rank though school and work experience(dont give a scat if |I get less of a wage I still got time) and once I can get organized(close to earning the career title) I would like to  try being nomadic. Speaking of time look how I casually waste 3 hours with my baddie stream of course your not going to waste 3 hours but just saying(yes I am talking when I record now plus with skype group, some times I forget to configure stuff).

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