Sunday, September 25, 2011

>He Still Watches Cartoons

That feel when there will be no more El Psy Kangaroo and Tiger & Bunny. When I had gotten the spoilers from /a/ about the main character dieing. I was like anime worth watching any more if he dies but I can't do that anyways what else is there to do?(not being serious but I did like the main character as a hero/ cool guy) Also I felt good at the end call me a faggot if you like.
So I have finally start watching this again before I was streaming it like a year ago and I never got far(ep 2) now that its downloaded. I'm actually watching it at first I though were is the funny before now that I'm watching there is some amusing parts. Also MFW my internet is the first thing that going go down I told them to get a new provider two months ago, I got stuff that will last me 4-6 months depending on what I do.
I though I was more into the series when I had my laptop well I continued from ep 2. I'm going to write some of my tastes too well there is no need to go into details and when I make a line up it is not ranked by preference I put what ever can fit its theme(I don't like random pick and I did watch it like, if have saw that I may look at that). I'm still watching Ano Hana well streaming because I'm 3 eps away and I have to say I like Irona more with a lame excuse it has more pretty girls.

Why I said that because I ___ed to this series. They added the cream of the crop a maid episode and you see the swimsuit ep. I still haven't finished IS left it at ep 5 or6( well that was when I had the laptop) I will get over with it eventually and I liked Korean Zombie more.
So I finished Shiki tonight and all I have to say at this scene is aaaaaa well I was thinking he had something up his sleeve.
 Also this combo /a/ says watch Bebop first then watch Champloo even my hipster friend said that. This sounds like a shit storm Bebop= Champloo. Ok Bebop has some symbolism or DEEP and the characters are likeable well I only like Spike and the robot arm. Maybe I would have liked it more in it's time but I didn't cable and Canada can not into toonami unless I have a satellite(they always think their cool). With the mature themes and that space setting well when I was younger mature wasn't cool for me as in that is not the key element that is enjoyable(huurr your scared). Then Champloo I liked all the characters even though they were like hey guise lets add a cute girl( this sounds familiar) with two badass samurai and make her the PLOT. The adventure was amusing with all the stuff they get into and I watched it in sub it came with both(I have to watch my samurai  people anime in subs sounds weebo) The dub didn't sound so bad though.

Yes I did watch some cartoons once in a while like The Avatar because when I watched it on TV I miss some eps all the time (shits still funny). Then I'm like I have too many cartoons about ASIA(well they are interesting) only a few I have that's Murrkan teen titans(oh wait)/ Dexter, the boondocks(wait hold on but it doesnt look Murrikan) and TinTin Europe/ the world. I also did like these two that I can remember so far World of Quest it came from Frosty land and I didn't see the ending ... then Caotix it makes the day go buy when I use to watch TV I would would look for them and Static Shock and Johny Bravo. Got that French cartoon but I didn't watch it yet.

I saw the first ep well I was going to watch it because I got some reaction images and Dat animation.



    I don't really see the comparison between Champloo & Bebop. They're just both kickass series loved by everyone, even non-animu fans because of the massive amounts of swagger.

  2. I still watch my animus on streaming sites and no one can stop me. I think the only one I have been downloading is Persona 4.

    And since I was reading the blog from my phone I though, the Fry image was not downloading, I'm dumb.

  3. Screencaps made me giggle.

    Bebop is the shit, man. I recommend it to everyone. I think it's really well done because over the course of the series you get to learn so much about all of the crew/characters. And dat soundtrack! I've yet to see Champloo, though I have it on a hard-drive.