Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MMO Stories

I remember when Dragonica was in beta for along time it was from late 2007 and it released  at the end of August. Well because of all that time for beta testing and all that the game got stale for most people but I didn't try it out till the last beta (were you don't get wiped). Anyways my hipster friend and otaku friend liked the game but, it didn't last long for them because of the prolonged testing. If they like the game it is all the rage first of all if the hipster guy likes some thing its always popular/cool/ mainstream same goes for the anime/manga(he is kind of a Gainax fag and he likes dat Shonen especially Bleach)  he was also an ex weboo(even though he goes to that con that comes at this month with the other otaku guys I know) but I'm sure its to blend in thing kind of thing( I wasn't the cause either because, I'm not much of a weboo anyways) not being negative here. I think its also safe to say Negros love bleach back then I use to like it more then Naruto maybe because bleach has a better female cast. My cousins that I recently know when I was overseas to the Caribbean I saw them watching bleach together( there close to my age, there too Negro normal for me). Then any thing my otaku friend likes most likely its closer to weboo he is the Nippon superior kind of guy so he can easily relate with any other fan. When it comes to me you get pickles its either sour, sweet, or crunchy and not every one likes pickles.

The game was alright for a 2.5D sidescroller and the game has some arcade style controls were your attack skill is not just a single click but some key combination for aerial and ground attacks. It also goes like a beat em up if you choose the dungeon map and party( best choice) or you can grind in the over world maps. I liked T-crew better(same theme minus arcade controls) well it was not an RPG.
So you start off  as: Nothing new here.
You job advance a level 20, and choose one of the two branches, there is also a special class if you reach 30(I didn't play enough or look up all the details on this)

warrior can become a tank or a heavy damage class
mage healing/ linear attacks or melee and AOE attacks
archer DPS or AOE
thief  DPS or support/ hidden arms

I didn't play the game that much I made it up to lv 26 the most and, tried the battle mage and the assassin class.
I did know another place has Dragonica and the sequel to Dragonica called Dragon Saga is available I don't know about any features in that game though.

Around that time I played Combat Arms for that brief moment too this is a FPS its not that bad I have to say I enjoyed it, that game too had different game modes (not sure if there is any that is different) but it did had some good co-op modes and there was some mission game co-op with decent AI. Then there is modes like one team is the terrorists and you have to disarm the bombs etc.
There is also lots of weapons there pretty much like the real thing I guess but I don't know shit about my guns so I did a lot weapon changes you can also attach stuff to your guns too and you can use two guns(its called a secondary weapon, other then your, pistol, knife, and bomb), here is the negative part you can only use guns of you game play rank(its the level system) so you play with kind of crappy guns because I know the gun liked was over my rank and the items expire with or with out play time. You can also pick up weapons on the ground after you kill them that's were you can get some nice guns( took me some time to figure it out, well I did skip the key controls all you need is wasd, 1234, and click, click right?).
There was a time when there was team attack on I was just mind my own business then some some guy on my was so like checking me out then he shoot me and stole my gun then every thing was out of order after wards.
Blog Post
I got lazy again didn't really do much to make another blog post anyways but all I can say I got lost again in Skies of Arcadia so I cheated and checked the map, I don't go for tips on puzzles or strategy I like to figure that out myself not many puzzles made me stumped to actually give up, also that what I consider spoilers if some told me what to do before I do it but plot spoilers don't bother me( maybe character twists or some thing the like will have some effect on me) much maybe because I don't don't care about the plot?.


  1. is dragonica free to play? cause it sounds like a better game then maple story or some of the other games like that. also skies of arcadia was fun!

  2. lol I remember seeing an actual Dragonica commercial on TV. It was real campy.

  3. Yes every thing I wrote/mentioned is free to play.

  4. Seems like an interesting enough game. Not that I need any more excuses to waste time...

  5. I've heard about the game. That's about it. Now thanks to your post I know slightly more!

    I can't believe you actually liked Combat Arms. I have to say, that was among the worst games I have ever played.

  6. >I can't believe you actually liked Combat Arms.
    Well about that if I really liked it I would playing it recently but I have not. I only played the game 20 hours the most so I don't really love the game.
    Plus my low standards, the game was also a free to play FPS game because I don't know any better FPS.

  7. >Skies of Arcadia

    I've wanted to play that game for a while.

    >I don't go for tips on puzzles or strategy I like to figure that out myself

    Same here.