Monday, May 9, 2011

Focus on the meaning not the QUALITY

 That was my reaction so far other then the hhhnng moments and Haqua.

Watched maria holic2 but I didn't take any images well there was that objection image that was floating around on /a/ and I thought I saved the iamge.

Watched Tiger and Bunny; what I expected a man and a woman fighting crime; what I got X-men. This anime is western like the some of the others like Heroman and some anime based of the American counter parts like X-men >/a/ says its good ,well better then the others but I don't want to watch it. There was that PSG I watched it too and, my otaku fried didn't like the cartoony look. I will have to say the retarded pretentious troll threads made it more fun too watch.

Going to check out hana saku iroha, ano hi mita hana no namae. After some back log gotta finish Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, going to watch Level E  and still watching Saki.

Still playing this game a bit I could reach the level cap but whats the point also it has that fatigue gauge thing so you can't grind forever(the grind grind starts @ 25 maybe because I'm not in sync with the quests any more) at least in games that have that have less grind I could be wrong. Starting using the boy more at first I was thinking about getting the magic counter part but now I'm changing my mind, I also don't like the fact that I am only able to use/hotkey 4 skills at a time. After clearing my hard drive a bit the game runs slightly better and I can see were I'm walking in pvp not going there as a daily thing anyways. So I guess this the other game I will play long side with Dungeon fighter never played the game 2 months if I did play a game its like for 3 the times the week the most for 3-6 hours with time gaps in between.


  1. Those threads about PSG made the show more entertaining than it probably was, i still enjoyed watching it though and the style didn't phase me.

    Hanasaku and AnoHana are great choices for the season, however I don't think I'd be able to limit myself to just those two.

  2. >Hanasaku Iroha

    Definitely recommend this, it's a nice slice of life.

    It's good that you're getting through your backlog. I'm actually at a standstill but hopefully I'll truck along soon.

  3. >>It's good that you're getting through your backlog.

    >also it has that fatigue gauge thing so you can't grind forever

    Is that a new thing in MMOs? I thought only Dungeon Fighter had that.

  4. Good choices. I'm really liking Ano Hana. I do quite like Tiger & Bunny (and think it's definitely better than the recent Marvel superhero anime) but I don't think it's outstanding.

  5. >Is that a new thing in MMOs?
    I think they are going to add to games that's not a full MMORPG. I don't really check out the new stuff though.

  6. fatigue gauges are a common thing in some countrys because the governments forbid to play and such

    luckily there's no law like that in my country

    but don't think they are very popular in games, didn't ffiv have this?