Monday, May 16, 2011

The Time Has Come

So last week Thursday I decided to get mad. Well lets say I was about to get my sleeping routine back because I was nocturnal again the week before.(MFW Friday the 13th was the following day) My mom woke me up to lift tires for her car and I was in auto pilot so all did was lift the tires to the basement but I didn't stuff the tires in the car and, my excuse was I didn't see the car key that was attached to the basement key(the shit I do when I have a rude awaking it happens lots of times too). Later on when my mom returned she got mad because I didn't stuff the car tires in the trunk or some thing. Then my parents go on blah blah this man does noting right blah blah shit and my dad just makes it worse and they blame the computer its always that dam computer thing with them. So I took my shitty laptop tossed it down the stairs and smashed it in from of their faces stomped it, jumped on it with all my weight, and pounded it so they can't talk shit any more because my dad always likes to say "I will break your computer" and I was the one that bought the dam thing and saying I don't know anything about life and shit because I stay home and the because they are burtthurt from the stuff they did in their younger days and saying I take every thing for a joke. It looks like my message was never clear when I communicate with people I must be a fucking expert at making implications so the best way to show them I'm serious I have to take action it works for most cases."How2speakandwriteenglish!?"

When I get mad I have never lost my mind but I do some crazy dance just to show how mad I can be, but I took out the RAM and the hard disk so I can salvage my data in the future, at least this action prevents me from playing shitty games and I don't have a problem with no computer/internet because I was living backwards every breaking moment of my life and I wasn't that much of a social person to bother others just because you know they can't entertain them selves like my hipster friend if he loses internet or some thing he goes to me or the better alternative the otaku friend. I-its n-not like I miss you guys or any thing.So it took about 5 days to just use this desktop computer for a bit all I did then was get other books(I picked up some art books too) from the library and played Skies of Arcadia.

I don't do this crazy dance or get mad in public because for sure I will have the label of "anger management" like my younger brother because lots of people try to provoke me but it can't work because I got legs.
My brother on the other hand actually can get mad with ease its not funny well obviously he got tired of any form of provocation so he uses force. I though that was all shit about my brothers temper but, he got mad when we got stopped at the ticket both at the station because no student card. He was about to rage hard at the lady and we got lucky some man gave him change because a student fair is $2 and adult fare is $3 that's all you need most of the time. So my brother didn't read the rules on the card and got mad because he though she was harassing him I told him she was right also I'm a lucky guy in that sense because that's all I dump in for tickets because the bishonen that I am makes people still think I'm a teen and I'm pretty hair less and I can't grow a beard a thin mustache and goatee is the best I can do and yes if >I go to a bar I need ID most of the time.

Also I have an interview today prep cook that the job agency found for me and there is also another job if I didn't get that job I will accually take the job that requires you to stay outside asking people to donate oh the irony because that's one thing I don't like doing is asking people to spare me change. They told me lots of people get hired quick for the job but most people quit because they don't like rejection and I was like in my mind ha I get shit like that all over the place for any thing even from friends and family with the rude straight up no in the face and the job is $3 higher then minimum wage($10.25). Even though I my self have not tried any form of courting either I'm not much of a conversation starter and if I did it doesn't last long and I guess I don't find females attractive to go (think of a retarded voice or some thing) uuhuurr hawt girl I must speak to her(ok I will make a shit post about this too next week or so). I'm sure I will get some income with the stuff I found so I guess with in two week I will buy a shitty $50-$100 tower with the stuff inside so I can use my other hard disks and get a "master race" computer about two months after for the the range of $400-$500.


  1. I hope you'll be doing more ok.

  2. succesfully percieved all of your RAGE. But I'd never smash my own laptop. I don't have the balls (or they aren't made of steel, whatever).
    btw is that Louise? picture looks good.

  3. You certainly got the mad! Nice picture

  4. That must have been a long pent-up rage for you to smash your laptop up like that.

    I can be pretty mad at times too, tho probably the most craziest thing I ever did was (attempting) to hit one guy with a table over a small stuff. I'm crazy, I'll admit it.