Sunday, May 1, 2011

Screen Caps

The spoilers about still have not stopped me from any thing so far(enjoyment factor or should I watch this?) well I also don't really react to any thing unless I find it amusing/interesting or actually funny.

The face he makes reminds of that yukkiri comic thing, were the scientist makes the yukkiri marisa have a human body. I lost the source so I can't an image of the face.
How does this make you feel?

If your thinking what I'm thinking ...
Digital drugs? as in color seizes and hypnotic design tricks, or ear sex and shock therapy.

Animated gif. I'm not much of a gif hunter myself but, I don't think I have found this scene at all and I collect too much images(about any thing really). I should make more.


  1. Digital drugs would indeed be cool. I'd imagine they're less body fuckupy than read drugs, and I suppose that's the up side.

  2. mmm don't remember that scene either... also lol at your filenames

  3. Fractale wasn't that awesome. It frustrated me.