Friday, April 29, 2011

Blog Post

So yesterday I played elsword, I can manage to play it. I got the heads up from sugoi. So far the only character I liked was the mage maybe I was spoiled by the high damage. The sword guy and the other girl was ok but I didn't really use them that much to change my mind.Playing alone is better for me, because when I tried playing in a group things get haywire and, tried practice mode for pvp, it was a mess can't do shit, at least in practice mode is endless and senseless killing.

I'm about to check out some anime this season, going to finish fractale,yumekui merry and, strike witches( I had to download this again) this weekend or today.
The first 3 I'm going to check out is maria holic 2, twgok 2(got lazy) and take a look at tiger and bunny.