Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fortune Arcana

Another cool story coming up about superstition and religion/philosophy.

I knew about the tarot cards but I didn't really have check it out till present and it was a funny experience.
Well my mom bough me to a fortune teller I guess she does care but, with the constant reminder type for every minute that really ticks me off and, it makes lose concentration( It seems to reach subliminal levels).Also because I like doing things when i'm in the mood and, I do stuff like in fragments or procrastinate. I got a  card fortune, she told me about my home is a mess(both physically and spiritually, well people call my house a dump because they don't like clusters and, it does bother me but their place is spacey). She says I will be successful with wealth in the future(well i'm going to school and, i'm frugal unless i'm collecting something over time I don't have a big spender mentality I just want a humble setting).She said I was also becoming a hermit thats true I started to be a hermit from 17-20 now( I didn't find better friends or find new friends) . This is were it gets a little funny she says I used to know a girl that wants to mess my life because I don't like her. After wards I told her I don't know any girls because I don't talk with them so, the fortune teller says if I don't talk to girls that implies i'm gay I will talk about that in another blog.

I stated to be more aware of the major arcana from persona 3(FES PS2 version) a dungeon crawler, turn based, and gives visual novel elements on how they do the character development, also that game goes by a timeline so if you fuck up you better make an extra save slot.
That game was pretty cool I completed the normal game but I didn't do the answer route yet. The game also had some cool characters that I like using in the party like Junpei the physical guy, Aegis the tank/support, Yukari the healer.Then the rest, the dog was a nimble fellow, Shinjiro was a power house, Mitsuru the ice queen, ken the and, Akihiko  the support he is a cool guy but I used him the least because I always have thunder but, i'm going to use him in the answer route.
The game also told me about how to find out what card you have that represents your fortune/life.
Here is a link were you can do it and a place were I found some descriptions, and Wikipedia.

I loled when I got hermit and the moon arcana that pretty much describes me not fully but ya. I would also like to know what you guys got too. You can probably make a cool story about it just saying.

Another game based of the major arcana, Arcana Heart(PS2) this game you will only get a word from otakus/weebos because the game is an all girl fighter. Since I got lucky to have a friend that lends me stuff with no hassle he is also more of an extroverted otaku(not the bad ones he has sense) as in the goes to anime cons. Any ways the game is really good, it has different ways of inputing attacks like holding buttons, half circles, full circles from the d-pad/analog stick( ya that was new to me, but a fighting game I played up to date now was Blazblue CT ).
Arcana heart also has 2 other sequels Arcana 2(PS2)  and, Arcana3(PS3) that just came out but its in Japanese from what I heard the PS3 has no localization limits.

The official site is in Japanese but it has some English in it so you can find out were you can find the characters.


  1. It's pretty eerie how these fortune tellers can be accurate at times.

    >That game was pretty cool I completed the normal game but I didn't do the answer route yet.

    I LOVE Persona 3. I started the answer route but gave up. I've heard it's pretty pointless and crappy.

    Tarot is fascinating. I have a deck of cards but I've yet to use them. Thanks for the info links; I'll give them a read. That website says my birth cards are the Hanged Man and the Empress ;_;

  2. >I got hermit and the moon arcana

    Welp, I got that too. Interesting as it kinda represents me but not completely.

    >I LOVE Persona 3.

    It's one of my favorite games of all time. I don't have FES because I want to get the Japanese special edition, it's pretty rare. I also hate English voice acting. I teared up a little when I heard the superior Nihongo dialogue.

  3. I hope every thing goes well for you chiyo, that sounds like an unsettling combination.