Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DFO Mage Fan Art Attempt

I'm not a good artist but I try to make sense with the object i'm making. I used my camera to digitize because my scanner doesn't install with the OS i'm using even though I have the right driver I should switch back to win 7(no idea why I still use vista).

first stage trying to get the character on paper

Second stage trying an interesting pose from a game sprite that was kind of a pain.

WTF man oh well pratice makes perfect.
I was trying to do the pose from a short video that I made in DFO.
I also did submit a page once in the /jp/ draw thread. I asked if there was some thing strange tell me, the reply I got was it's ok but I need to draw a bigger image and in white paper. I never really draw on white paper because there is no guide lines!At least I got some thing else to fix on.


  1. NOICE
    You're right though, practice makes perfect, so keep on practicin' X)

  2. That's a good effort! Better than anything I could ever draw. Keep on practicin'.

    I like the color of that paper..

  3. Be careful with posting drawings, idk why but some people really flame others over that.

    I applaud your effort though, I can never get past drawing 1/3 of a face before I go "It's shit right?", "It's shit" in my head and trashing it.

  4. The proportions are off but practice and effort will get you somewhere. I'm pretty impatient when it comes to drawing nowadays so I'll probably get back into it if I get a graphic tablet.

  5. I fucking hate that mage, and I feel that your artwork is successful in capturing my hate.

    I applaud you.

    Practice does indeed make perfect.

  6. >Be careful with posting drawings, idk why but some people really flame others over that.

    This isn't an imageboard though. I doubt we need to worry about things like that here.

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