Sunday, January 30, 2011

Job Places

When I was trying to do that Apprenticeship thing I found this thing and I for got about it till summer time, I only went to 3 locations and they all have different ways of doing stuff. The one on Eglinton offers training, free bus tickets(I didn't take it for granted, because I stopped looking), they job search for you. Then the YMCA-North York they supped up my resume, they mainly help the older people but, it was some help.When I first went to the YMCA the councilor told me it should be easy to find a job because i'm young(I was like pfft thats an understatement) then he said my first impression was a sad and sleepy guy, well I wasn't preparing for a interview not I change my behavior that much though... Anyways The next place wasn't on this map bt its near downsview station that place has a bulletin board of jobs and job fairs free printing(well they all have that, interview help, free fax, internet access, free paid newspaper).

Now I try the internet way it got me some interviews but, the web pages with the exact company name I didn't get replies form them like the theater, Tims, other chains I gave on them.

Lucky I got past that crushing moment. I asked my otaku/best friend(the guy that makes me borrow his stuff) for his number because I lost it, then hes like "you got a cell phone?" I said "no". About that cell phone its not like I talk so I don't need it especially with fancy functions if I did get one i'm using minutes, some times I mite have this one fag that talks to long on a the phone I will tell him "5 minutes".
Back on track I did find a web page with good info to get an interview quick but I failed all of them so far.
Even the collage/university have job search stuff I kind of almost forgotten about that too.
Going to try and job hunt again this month.


  1. Best of luck, man. I hope you manage to get one..

  2. I use Job Bank as one of my job sites as well. Unfortunately, they don't seem to update that much for my area.