Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh Come On!

Today I went to see the bank councilor and, there was a lady that was before me so I waited about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The worse part about it was when I woke up this morning my stomach was acting up so I took some of that acid relief, while I was waiting I had to take a major crap I was like sweeting on the wait trying to hold it in. When it was my turn, ya this is the 3rd time I meet the councilor, so far I did noting with my credit well I can't if you care about money even if I was 16, I would not use it because I can't pay for it back. Also going over the credit limit can really fuck a person over first step you get a fee for going over limit and second it fucks up the credit history so you pay more interest.
The councilor also gave me some hints of how to score a job like suggesting other restaurants, he also said I should try and work my way up with the dishes I had doubts with that (because dishes is one of the reasons why my place is a mess),he said if they know you have some interest(restaurant management) they can upgrade me with in 6 months. I also told him I was thinking about reaching that point with the fast food chains first but he said I should just aim for restaurants and hotels. I was thinking about hotels butt they want you to get a criminal record sheet I forgot were i'm suppose to get it at lest my criminal record is clean I never really try to make a criminal offense. Then I ran home and let all  out feels good man, then blog about this cool story.


  1. At least you're feeling better now, right?

    >while I was waiting I had to take a major crap

    This always happens at the worst of times.

  2. By feeling better not much if I was there would be a possibly that the Fan art would come out better. I'm going post some thing similar about that case tomorrow I hope you all check it out.

  3. Your bank councilor seems very nice. Take it easy, you deserve it.

  4. Banks can be such a hectic place. Your bank councilor seems like a nice person! Best of luck with everything.

    >while I was waiting I had to take a major crap.

    That's the worst feeling ;_;