Friday, January 21, 2011

Good the Bad and the Ugly

If you don't know what NEET means it means Not Employed, Education, Training.
I have experienced it for a bit, for 1 year . Flashback 
When I was 16 the legal age to get a job my plan was to save then go to a dorm for collage or Uni because, I want to see whats its like away from my parents( quarreling, complaining, forcing me to shit at every opportunity all day everyday)   temporarily im sure I can deal with a room mate unless they bring people to drink at night or comes in with girls. I tried McDonald's,Taco bell, KFC and local grocers nothing, even  got an interview for bus boy for the keg restaurant( I tried to be serious because this sounds like a cool job for a teen to work in that setting) I didn't know I had to act all high spirited and enthusiastic i'm not much of a faker either, the feed back from my older sister was the manager said I didn't smile when .

Well that failed but I was able to get a job at 17 for a school job program for summer time its a week of school training, then training from a job center. The strange part was my registration was a mess but it pulled through so I skipped the training center it was about awareness about your rights.

The option I had was taco bell or a small restaurant.So I also registered at my local bank and I took the small restaurant for some reason the owner gives me lunch and  stuff but didn't give me much of a general idea with the daily routine, so sometimes he gets upset...
After that 18 yrs old did the same thing the new things I got was a resume with stuff on it and a few certifications, I had o idea why I didn't check out malls that time ops nope computer and thinking to myself that I will try to think more on school (why did I listen to the teachers about that, they are making money i'm not) . All that before the economy was retarded I will continue this story as a filler post for tomorrows blog.

Having a job was neat without it I would not have this cheep laptop on sale( I bought it right away because my desktop computer broke because my mom pulled the cord cause of my younger brother) that depreciated 4 years so bad that I can't play games properly with it I added some minor RAM upgrades and, a G router. Then all of a sudden my parents talk crap telling me the computer is making me stupid( bias parents are bias they can't use a computer hurr) and making me stay up late I sometimes have problems sleeping before I used computers a lot.
This is my setting, its now like a desktop because a part broke and I fixed it but, I was angry when I was fixing it so I broke the screen.
Here is also the way I had my resume that never gets me calls, edited of course.


·         Over three years of experience and training in operations, maintenance and customer service in the hospitality industry
·         Food Handler Certificate and adherence to kitchen safety and sanitation procedures
·         Ability to multi-task while maintaining critical attention to detail
·         Demonstrated strong communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills in fast-paced, high-stress environments
·         Dedicated and motivated to achieve high performance standards both independently and in teams
·         A dedicated team player who is motivated to achieve the highest performance standards; Remarkable ability to work independently and work in a team

§  Handled cash transactions with accuracy
§  Received, unpacked and stored supplies in all appropriate storage and work areas; ensured regular rotation of inventory
§  Selected as a Mentor for the orientation of new student volunteers
§  Observed safety procedures and ensured a clean work area at all times
§  Operated the POS for food and beverage orders
§  Assisted customer with the selection and delivery of their meals
§  Prepared food that was made available to customers
§  Maintained safety procedures and ensured a clean work area at all times


Food & Beverage Server(Externship)
The Chefs' House, Toronto, ON                                                                                  Summer 2010
Customer Service Associate(Volunteer)
Breakfast Club Volunteer                    2007- 2008
Bus/Prep Chef(Co-op Placement)
Co-op Worker at Raging Bull, Toronto, ON                                                     Summer 2007


Food & Beverage Management Program Diploma
Smart Serve Certificate
Ontario Service Training, Toronto                                                                   2010
Ontario Secondary School Diploma
Food Handler Certificate
Toronto Public Health, Toronto                                                                                   2007



  1. What happened to that poor laptop?

    Your resume is better than mine, by the way.

  2. I'm over 20 and I've never worked a single day of my life, nor had thoughts of moving out. My uncle is in his 30's and lives with my grandmother still, but he does have a job. I always thought it was better for both the parents and the children if the family sticks together and pitches in for the living costs, y'know?

    >computer is making me stupid

    I don't even know how anyone can say this seriously, no offense. Even the oldest people I know are amazed and recognize how beneficial computers are to our generation, wishing they had the internet when growing up.

  3. > I always thought it was better for both the parents and the children if the family sticks together and pitches in for the living costs

    Ya I agree with that I was thinking of doing this and, not abandon my family but I want to know how they would be off if I wasn't there for a while.

  4. Toronto eh? I wish I would have known that when I was up there last weekend, someone to hang out with.

  5. Your resume is a lot better than mine overall. The only work experience I have is seasonal jobs so my references kind of suck.

    >computer is making me stupid

    Computers don't make people stupid. They just help reveal how stupid an individual really is via internetZ.

  6. If my family weren't so conservative I would probably become a NEET.

    That's a good resume! Better than mine, by far. Best of luck with everything.

  7. my resume is pretty plain, but i haven't had to search for a job for a while. im with a really good company