Friday, January 28, 2011

CG Attempt at DFO Mage+Crap

Sorry for reaping your eyes last time but, i'm going to do the digital version too. Ya i'm sure most people will say or think "if you can't do the basics of a simple thing why do this"? Hey at least with using graphics I have better control if I mess up and not get frustrated when I need to erase a line to make it work. I wish I had a tablet too I would produce crap a lot faster. A good for noting guy like me, has noting to lose so I just keep on doing stuff..This is some thing I would post about 1 or 2 times a week until you like it, well if you did like it I would make more stuff(that would be the day).
So what does the verdict say this time off with her head? or give her a chance?

This what I have dropped in a /jp/ draw thread some one said the legs were a bit to long and, the arms need to adjust more.
This was from a model in 3DCustom Girl I made it too and found a pose.

This is a character design I made up but I didn''t give her a name also  left her hand there.
I guess I do longer, adult/teen bodies better then a small body frame + line paper.Also my mood effects me especially with this task if i'm a crappy mood noting comes out right I may stop or keep going, well my mood does effect every thing even if I was "good" at some thing. For next week im doing serpents/ sakes because I got two snake books from the library. Crap I lost to the clock.


  1. They look pretty decent, man.

    I think the 3DCG model drawing is good, and you drew the pose well. I think anise.jpg looks nice; just that her hands could have been done a bit larger overall. The arms on the mage seem a little smaller than they should be, but a good effort nevertheless. Keep on practicing and posting your work! :3

  2. I liked anise.jpg the most. Getting a graphic tablet would definitely help a lot.

    >Keep on practicing and posting your work!

  3. >if i'm a crappy mood noting comes out right

    We all know this feel. Just keep practicing!

  4. the digital version is harder than normal drawing, but the advantages is we can color it up and it looks so cool:)

  5. Your drawings are a lot better than mine.

    I think the anatomy, particularly in the legs, need more work.