Tuesday, January 18, 2011

first post + mushrooms

I didn't think I would be a guy that would make a blog, some people got me interested in blogging.

I was looking at al the functions and what not still thinking what to do about it but, I have used a guildweb host once and a web host site.But its not the same here there's about the ad stuff, ads never really bothered me but "kids" don't like them I knew they are kind of important thats why they are there but, I hate those random pop-ups and porn pop-ups with especially sound.Since they have some guide thing or tutorial I would find out or I just go with the flow.

I was going to make a blog post yesterday but, my internet keeps disconnecting and it's still going on now because of that im typing my blog post on notepad first then upload.

 Fungi are interesting I can almost relate to them they are mysterious, shocking, needs a certin condition to appear and, LEACH takes/steals  recourses or pick up the trash.Fungi also have many shapes and, glow in the dark, slimy, spiky, hard as stone, squishy, powdery/fluffy,stinky but, I did't familierise with the names for the type of species.

Another thing that got me interested in fungi was the nasty slime molds.When I was a kid about 4 years old exploring in my older brother's room I went in his closet I found a chicken with Fffing long black or grayish hair that was one of my mind fuck moments he also had piss bottles lets just leave that there. I don't plan on making stuff like grow in my room but it did happen once when I moved in my present apartment QUALITY, it just happened I wasn't the cause.

I have found the mushroom images from a book and its the only mushroom book with-in my area from 1 of the 3 different libraries from me I hogged it twice( Since the library makes you take 2 renews which is a month, then after a few weeks I took it again) because I was lazy.
I go to the library a couple of times only to pick up/return then leave if im there for a bit I take a nap.

That is all for now. Give me some feedback if you like.


  1. Looking forward to your posts :3 I saw your profile and was wondering what 'mycology' was. Now I know!

    >he also had piss bottles

    Lol wat.

    Those are nice drawings. Interesting stuff.

  2. hehe awesome doodles, they look like they could be characters for some hipster cartoon :3

    But I really like fungi as well! They have a nice, old, foresty look to them.

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean about annoying popups and such. I don't see the much anymore, and don't visit many sites that have them, but sometimes if I'm linked to something I'll get one, and recently Megaupload started placing those obnoxious ads on their pages as well. What really bothers me is-

    Wait, where did mushrooms come from?

  4. For some reason, your post was funny to me. I laughed.

    I didn't think I would be someone to make a blog either, but the potential money was a motivation to start. My reasons are different now, and I'm sure you'll find your own reasons. It can be fun sometimes, even. Good luck.

  5. who's the person that inspiring you to make a blog? just curious.....

    i see, so you really like fungi very much:)

  6. >Betta sp
    A Group of people that "know that feel" on an anonymous image board.

    >kiari star
    Mushroom grow from dead or alive trees, scat from live stock or big herbivorous and, mabe on a corpse.

  7. >piss bottles

    That's a bit weird. Him keeping it in his closet makes it even more strange.

    I don't think I've seen any mushrooms growing naturally before. Maybe I have, but I didn't know it.

  8. >Mushroom grow from dead or alive trees, scat from live stock or big herbivorous and, mabe on a corpse.

    Even on a corpse?! Wow.