Thursday, March 17, 2011


So I started to look at the starcraft 2 game, I did try it out once or twice on the desktop and I didn't find a LAN option. For real there is no LAN option like the previous version(I pirated that) come on  man. So if I wat to play with my brother I gotta find some nerd that made a keygen or found cracks Gee Jee blizzard.
Thank you for stating the obvious blizzard

 I can still try and make a LAN game with him on the previous version but he will go uurrr I don't want to play this old game like a faggot.


  1. Starcraft is only good for watching, not playing.

  2. I just die in Starcraft - not much fun.

  3. That's terrible I know, only one of my bros have Starcraft 2, because we buy both copies with my credit card. And after he uninstalled the game, I don't want to play it anymore. I was really bad anyway.

  4. For SCI, I only played with codes, because I was lazy.

    black sheep wall
    operation cwal
    show me the money

    etc. etc. LOL

  5. The absence of LAN was one of the bigger issues that was brought up even before release. I'm surprised you didn't know about it.

    >Pierce the epic fail with your fail


  6. >Starcraft is only good for watching, not playing.

    I pretty much agree with this sentiment. I own the game and played it for a while since release, but I've shifted more to watching the GSL and other tournaments.