Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MMO Stories

Yes now were on Grandchase, I found out about the game through e-mail because it was from the same company for trickster and pangya( pangya was not out in the north american ntrevee that time it was on og planet and ntrevee was like fuck your shit were taking our game back so its on ntrevee now). My friends didn't play this game that's the period of time were I just play games alone even though when I did play a game with my friends we are barely on at the same time otaku guy or,  he wants to do something else that's what the hipster guy does.

The game had was running on a plot were you are three girls trying to save the world from the greatest evil. So you have some cut scenes with text also you choose the dungeon map there is only action no wondering around, buuut it has a room system so you can kick people and stuff or you can play by yourself but it takes forever so I suggest going with two people to get the best out of it as long as you don't get pulverized.

This is the retarded part that was one of the logical reasons why I quit the game because the dam spoiled (north american kids/teens/young adults?) have standards they make rooms that say you must have an amount of attack stats to join( most of the cash players have this advantage) and, there is the scrubs that say I want you this level there is some people that can do the map with out difficulty at all regardless of level up to a certain extent and more specific you go to the next map after you complete the previous map if I can recall (if you are in the level range).  The game is also a platformer beat em up to give you an idea how the game is like so you also have to jump on platforms like mario/ maple story.
The three main characters is a basic warrior, a mage, and an archer. There is also many other characters to unlock. When I was playing all I have unlocked was ronan a mage knight, I played all the characters pretty fine but this guy is favorite and I got the 2nd advancement for the warrior and the archer I didn't get the mages because I lost my patients with the quest and I didnt like it that much same with ronan's 2nd advancement even though I got it. You also get to keep all your characters in one account were you just change your character but each character has their own level so you GRIND MOAR if like that character. I quit when I was 1 game away to getting lass I just didn't feel like playing again.

If you feel like it check out this link, it also has some video clips of the attack/spells they have.

There is of course pvp oh lord pvp I did pretty good to get auto kicked, but at least being a dark horse has some advantages.When the game just got released I didn't read about the quests all I did was pvp to gain some levels then I stopped when I noticed you have to get equipment so I was leveling up slow so I get my ass beat buy a fully equipped guy that's higher leveled then me thats were I start thinking I'm doing some thing wrong so I did my quests and start going to pvp less.Cash shop players also have a huge handicap if they are fully equiped even with my skill I can't beat a mediocre player its like 1 man vs 10 men.
There is also fags that like playing a map( gay maps ) were you can get kills from falling of the edge and making stacked teams I go against stacked teams once in a while( also the sweat victory from beating a stacked team) but it gets ridiculous. There is also the free for all option that's a rare case and, there is a mode called tag were you can use two of your characters I like it because I mix the spells and synchronize and make a combo not many people do that.

For a game were you only use one key to attack and two other buttons for other stuff this game was Ffffing awesome( with out the pvp fags and the minus the OP cash stuff) when it came out it was in 2007(rumble fighter is good to but the sever the company hosts is weak). This game also had a sequel it is called elsword it has different mechanics and stuff and the main cast is all males but its korean only so far and I don't want raid stuff in korea(I don't to waste time with finding a fake ID) same with japan( they may block my IP).


  1. Just showing my support by stopping by, wow sounds like you have fun in your games :p

  2. lol best butter ever

  3. Wow yeah I've played...a lot of what you named lol though very briefly because they didn't hold my interest. The only F2P game that held my interest for a lot of hours was Mabinogi. Which I always come back to no matter how long I stay away from it.

  4. I really don't like the concept of cash shops giving an in-game advantage, it's really annoying when someone beats you just because they spent more money on the game.

  5. looks like you really enjoy that game

  6. It's funny that I have not tried mabonogi once, I have no good reason why I have not played the game either.

  7. I tried playing GrandChase recently within the year, but I really didn't like it too much. It felt a bit dated. The movement and controls always felt a little stiff, but I admire that they were one of the first MMO side scrolling beat-em-ups but now there are a handful of them now. Should blog about Pangya, I spent stupid amounts of time on a golf game...A GOLF GAME!