Thursday, March 10, 2011

MMO Stories

Finally a game that I have enjoyed playing even thought it wasn't filled with QUALITY, I was also disappointed because I found this game after I finished high school, the game was released at January or some thing aslo this was the time period when Dragonica, S4 league and, Latale beta came out.
The game is a cartoony kidie game with guns. I still don't under stand why any cartoon shooter gets called TF2 for kids or TF2 rip off, first of all they are 3rd person shooters from the game play of TF2 its in 1st person  view.
This game is called Manga Fighter(cheesy name the original name is Q-pang) you play as a girl, boy, cat, bear, T.V head robot, circle head robot. I use the boy and girl a lot( bonus she wears bear panties and you can see them) the cat I use once in awhile and the bear just for laughs even though the bear has the most HP and the only guy that can use rocket launchers the destroyer makes him useless because it can OHKO. 
The weapons setup is
melee; bat(default), boken, fly swatter
gun; weak paint ball gun(default), dart gun. stun rays, twin gun, magnify glass, shot gun, 3 other paint ball guns, with different stats
cannon or scope; cannon ball(default), gravity gun, sniper cannon, destroyer, M cannon, rocket launcher
bomb;dynamite(default), air plane, chalk brush, a table, octopus plush mine, flash bang 

This time my friends had some interest in this game too I didn't even tell them about it and, they found me playing the game 2 months later after I found the game. So we had a circle jerk I showed them most of good spots in the maps. My otaku friend actually liked the game he played it quite more then I expected enough to rival me he made a video his computer is better then mine so his quality is a bit better( I call a rival a person that can give me a good game and no jelly faggotry, and lies, shit/trash talking is a minimum for me unless the faggot starts it), the hipster friend was playing pretty bad he is also in my first video after wards when he was playing S4 his excuse is he doesn't like the game even though he was the one that decided to play with out me giving a word though he does play good in S4(TD only) but his method to become good was... I will get to that in the next chapter( it wasn't cash shop at least kind of).

With the circle jerking I make rooms only if I have someone to play with because kids are too impatient and they all have some favorite map faggotry, so when I make a room I play all the maps alternating after each game ad if the teams are stacked ex; me and my friend I move on to the other team.

The game was amusing to me even though there was no background music ya I didn't listen to much music back then to play with other music but, I like the sound effects that's were the funny comes in, also sadly the game was taken down. The videos I got there are all just plain game play no tweaking what so ever. Also in this game I was considered a pro some how so I'm not a dark horse any more because, just from making videos you get that much attention I was quite surprised too. To bad my laptop got crappy so I can't make decent vids with out lag. That time I was also trying to make a decent quality video I was close but having a good computer makes that easy.

I don't know if you want to watch all of this but be my guest. The second video is from my friends perspective.


  1. Awesome, those videos look like a lot of fun!
    I'm going to have to try this out.

  2. lol that looks so random. Ill have to take a look.

  3. Sorry to kill the parade but the game is gone for good, no other company is hosting the game either.

  4. IS the game really? gone? Shit, I might have given it a try. BTW, I forgot if you've tried it before, but Microvolts is another TF2 ripoff as well. Well, it's not class based but a lot of the weapons are "inspired" by it.

  5. At 3:58 in the first video I could see why the video is named doll house, There is a giant kid watching you kill each other. That's horrifying.

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