Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Crunch Time


Tomorrow is it the day that I will get hired or become a hobo(the chance increases). Well I was informed that there is a job fair tomorrow morning so I'm going to prepare myself but, all in interviews is ask questions I got noting else to say or expect. My parents like threatening me to kick me out it (really does piss me off) because I'm not doing my maid work up to their standards its gets worse when I become nocturnal(I counter them by saying so you want pay fully for my loan it doesn't have much of an effect) .Oh I'm also family handyman my mom doesn't like my dad doing this stuff because all he does is complain and I'm the tech geek.

It's pretty funny that my parents reacted with some form of care after I told them, my hipster friend finally got him self a relationship(now he won't bother me as much as before). Then they say no no no it should not be like this you should have this too(because they like saying the people that I use to know have jobs, cars, relationships) but, I don't give a shit about girlfriend I don't want to hear shit from another person that I see on a regularly basis, that's not my parents I have enough frustration its the normal frustration, not the funny frustration . I have my 2d and, some 3d but its not plain shit and 2d does it better.

I got some thing about the crabs too. I remembered he got a call about dishwasher he rejected it that was two years ago, that when he got sobbys job and he use to tell me how his baker job is boring and he hates it. After he got his chef training certificate(he calls it a diploma, I check the course its a certificate but I don't like arguing). He got a line cook job right away after then he started going "I'm all rich all that shit" to me then I was like cool but interrupted and added more, I had my poker face and mono tone like always then I was like ok. Then during summer he told me his place hiring for dishwasher, the former guy who was on the phone explained it like a full time job, I had no time and its dish washing my pet peeve(its like hes oblivious to the things I really despise), that shit is what makes my home a mess and my parents get mad after I don't do it when they get home from work.My parents were like your not a foreigner you don't do dishes and, then they say how is this guy not born in canada get jobs, I tell them hes good at getting around people(using people, hes also a negro with money he some times try to bribe me...).

My parents tell me to get all my friends out of my life, well I don't go to the hipster guy he comes to me and, my otaku friend is my supplier he didn't influence me to anime and, I also watched more then him(he is also picky he browses /a/ and /v/) before he had a job too(now he has a larger manga stack and, some figures he use to have some before he got work) my rough hard exterior makes you think I don't do this stuff. There is a quality that I envy from him is he gets respect from people well maybe because he is picky he doesn't associate himself with anyone( he found another otaku friend and some tourney gamers I give them a little chat but that's all and because I can't keep up with video games) and the possibility that he has more to offer.

I was at school at that time during summer. My registration makes me do normal class during summer(started at january),I wasn't aware of that also I had no choice and basically I had no breaks well there is that 1 week thing.So if I the had normal time slot I would be able to make my classes more the way I like it because, going to collage for 8am and finish at 5pm sucks ok there is a 2 hour break I there but lounging at home is better and I don't eat lunch.

Recently he got laid(3 some, that's his first time) then I was like ok cool then he was like "you don't believe me"  then shows me some sort of text message and he scratch marks on his back. That guy also contradicts him self so much its not even funny I remember he says Ipods are for fags and he one now and, he use to say I don't like smoking/ smoking girls then he does smoking and he smokes weed too now.

The irony here is he is the one that showed that clip about the crabs in the boondocks before he was going to give me the data the third season was really good all that shit was funny and more racist then ever I lost the vids now thanks to my brother.

I got buttraged twice this week my mom toss my bike in the trash because they send it to a repair man and the cost was $100, I keep telling them give me wheel(the air container was broken that all) money that's all I need no big problem the bike was also in good condition and a nice bike in fact for $200.
The next thing is my brother is like uurrrr urrr I want to delete my hard drive and make it a new OS, I told him let me do it then he did it himself and deleted every thing so I lost my 40 gig data of anime,games, doujins/manga(this happened today a few minutes after typing this out). because, I transfer my crap to his HD  mine is inferior. I can bearly hold 40 gigs even if this HD is 80gigs it has a partion split(I like that) and it has recovery data there so I'm able to only use 67 gigs.

I'm really tired of this shit, ok actually it is the same shit as a kid, teen, adult.


  1. >That guy also contradicts him self so much

    Unfortunately, this is what most people are like. It sounds like he gives in to peer pressure a lot as well.