Friday, March 4, 2011

MMO Stories

The others I have played or gave it a shot during the following year may not say much about it because I didn't reach beyond the level 20 mark and or the game was hosted for a limited time. We are almost at the point were I'm playing the present games too, that's were I will have some videos and or screen caps I may do a nostalgia check too, taking screen caps.

This game was fun but I didn't play it for hours but I still play this game once in a while recently also because I know how the play the game better now but I'm still a scrub, the most pang I made was 2-4k per game I don't remember. You start of as nuri or hana to get the other you either get cash the easy way or invest your pang for a new player. The game is fun if you are able to find game rooms quick the only maps I liked so far is the ice maps, the dessert and, the pirate ship map, I hate the west wiz map stupid heavey winds. The character I recently got was arin I was going to get kooh first but I had enough for arin.

I got lazy you can find out about the game modes here.

Dream of Mirror Online
The games setting is like being in Asia that's what comes in mind to me and the game is a point and click 3d. They are four races you choose from I gotta look back for this I forgotten this and I didn't try every feature in the game, humans, sylph, sprite,shura. I find that strange there is no image with the race description. This game you are able to adjust your height and skin color.I also liked that with one character you can be any class you want with that single character and you can combo with another class skill and other class you decide to use have their own level, and you can fly in this game all of a sudden this brings up flyff but I didn't play that game. I quit the game because I wasn't paying attention to the stats you choose to raise because its different for each class basically I messed up my build because I didn't read the captions under the stat you are going to add. It also has pvp you can do it with teams and an were you like if I can recall.
I was a mercenary but, I don't remember what other stuff I used I think it was only the sword class.

Cloud nine
I though the game closed down because this game was called Holic Online, I hear its also an upgrade or squeal I don't know I didn't go back to it. This game didn't have pvp at the time when I was playing but they had factions but I didn't play enough to understand whats going on here, now that I have checked just now there is some nation war thing(that's the pvp I guess). This game also has the one character that can simply change your class if you please but, you only keep two at a time and they have their own level. I played as a monk and a healer the most I think.

Seal Online
This game is also a 3d point and click I tried the craftsmen class were you use a hammer in combat and your bale to make stuff but, I got pissed off because my accuracy sucks so I miss a lot when I'm grinding and tried the knight its easy mode but it was boring well I didn't hit close to 20 on this guy, this game also has pvp.

T crew
This game was an awesome  2.5d side scrolling, platform, beat em up(it also made me think of chameleon twist for N64)   but,  the game host testing the game or something and no other game host took the game so its history now. All I remembered were 3 characters that you select a muscle man, a little girl and, a little boy.I played as the girl at least she has speed.It has a room system too and the modes were pvp, dungeon mode, and boss mode ya you need a skilled and efficient  team to beat the boss it's Fffing hard, you can play with 8 people in a game or more I don't remember. Now for the best part in the game T crew is the pet thing or magical entity floating around you to improve your stats and there was about 30 critters to collect and feed them to level up. they have elements dark, light, metal, fire, water I don't remeber if there was more. It's also like metabots more pets you have more power. The T crews give buffs, heal, and cast spells that have a wide aoe. Every thing in this game was fun too bad it wasn't there forever.,1.shtml


  1. LOL that picture of Pat is so awesome haha

  2. I think I remember playing DOMO. I couldn't really get into it so I ended up quitting.