Friday, March 25, 2011

Moe Line up

If you think moe is simply just cute girls doing cute things then your doing it wrong. Moe is that strange feeling that makes you interested or attached (its  like subliminal messages) I remember when I use to see that school swimsuit at 16 and it was all over the place and now ...

Handmaid May
The main character is a university student who is in some computer major. he gets a random gift and its a robotic maid that can, cook, clean, talk, and has emotions. That Zasumi character makes me think of Kirie from Girls Bravo because they kind now that I think of it. I have saw this before girls bravo, also that opening is kind of ecchi I have watch this about 4-3 years.

Midori no Hibi
The main character is a high school student that is a delinquent. He gets into street fights and all that mess, he is also one of the most feared street fighter. All of a sudden his right hand becomes a girl because of a wish, that has gone horribly wrong and because anime.

The main character is a vampire girl, that has no special abilities like if she is human but she can make a huge nose bleed. The plot also revolves around a love triangle. Ecchi opening over here too I saw this long ago same case  from what is said previously.

Yuki clone, rei clone, yin clone, felli clone, necromancer clone, rate my troll giase

Sacred Blacksmith (sacred boobsmith)
The main character is girl that is taking the role of a knight also her breast plates shape around her chest. She is trying to be that valiant knight that is able to save her home from a beast, there is also some dark magic guy or some thing like that causing trouble burt, it's was going along some thing like that.

The main character is an art student. He moves into one of those community apartments to live close to school? I don't what they're called. The land lord is a caring person but, she also has a split personality disorder. There is strange people living their too that appear at any given moment.


  1. You know, I don't really get what is exactly moe - I thought it's something similar to 'kawaii desu', but that doesn't appear to be the case from what I'm told. Ehh I dunno.

    I think the only moe series I've watched would be Lucky Star.

  2. @Faults no Faulty
    That may be what's confusing you. A series isn't moe, it's just what people like labeling series that pander to otaku by stuffing it with cute girls doing cute things.

  3. Sounds cool! just being supportive!

  4. >All of a sudden his right hand becomes a girl because of a wish